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Author Topic: CRIMES, miscellaneous info on types of  (Read 1973 times)


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CRIMES, miscellaneous info on types of
« on: April 22, 2019, 03:48:25 PM »
Miscellaneous info on types of crimes.
I think the last time I posted about new or new-ish types of crimes was a couple years ago, not sure where that Topic went.
The last one was cautioning women to look in their back seat when getting into their cars at gas stations, stores etc. Be aware of your surroundings.
This is about a surge of moped crimes in London which are theft and attack by persons on mopeds. Often these mopeds are stolen. Pretty sure this is a staged photo, showing the type of crime.
Screen shot: An illustration of moped crime in London

Five facts you should know about London’s moped crime surge, according to an expert in criminology
November 3, 2017 9.42 am EDT

The city of London has experienced a staggering rise in moped-related crimes. The metropolitan police recorded 1,053 moped-linked offences in 2014 which rose to 4,647 in 2015. In the year from June 2016 to 2017, they recorded 16,158. The crimes range from snatching mobile phones to acid attacks – many of which were committed by offenders on stolen motorbikes and scooters.

Now, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, Cressida Dick, has unveiled new tactics to catch the perpetrators. Police have been equipped with remote stingers, which puncture vehicle tyres, and DNA sprays, which help to identify offenders. Four specialised scrambler bikes will also make it easier for police to pursue mopeds down alleyways and back streets


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Re: CRIMES, miscellaneous info on types of
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2019, 04:08:23 PM »
Attempted and also carried out, vehicular homicide:
I saw evidence of this a couple times in L.A. and Hollywood.
Once, I was bussing home on Hollywood Blvd about 8 PM and saw a small dead body covered with blanket by the side of the road. The body was near a crosswalk, with a stop light. Person maybe 5'5. Brains on the ground, saw that. I got the definite feeling someone hit the person, deliberately. Just my personal feeling of the scene.

ALSO: A few years later, in the 1990's in Los Angeles late one night, my teenaged son and I were walking to his friends house a couple blocks away from home. We had been working on a filing project a couple blocks from our house.
Was walking with him for safety, he was just going to see his friend for a few minutes then home.
I am normally (very) vigilant but that night, I did not notice the danger coming toward us.
I saw a small black sports car about a block and a half away driving our direction, moving east on Fountain Avenue. Thought nothing of it, car was still a long ways away, was leisurely walking in the crosswalk with my son and almost halfway across.
Suddenly my son had grabbed me by the elbows, lifted me up and in a couple long bounds, got us up onto the sidewalk on the other side of the crosswalk. (Son is tall and long legs and got us across the street in a hurry!) You see, that sports car had sped up to about 90 mph swerved right us to try and hit us. We got onto the sidewalk and spun around to see the car. Its wheel was right up near to the curb then it veered back into the center of its lane as it sped away from us, still going really fast.

It was in a neighborhood where there was rivalry between Mexican and Armenian American gangs. I guess the driver thought we were local Armenians and he tried to kill us. He looked like a young MX American gang member about 20, short guy. I just saw the outline of his head, his short dark hair and his height.


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