Our Good Friend Ed Douglas Has Crossed Over


Dear Members:

It is with a heavy heart that I relay the news from Ed's brother, Brian Douglas, that Ed has left his beloved wife, Jinx, to cross the veil for a well-deserved rest.  Though knowing Ed, he will not dally, for it was not his way. 

Over the years, time and again, I have seen the greatest passion for bringing awareness of this topic to others from those in the twilight years of their life, like incandescent bulbs that give one last Herculean glow of light before they flicker out.

Ed's Herculean effort with the Planet X Town Hall began when he first joined on November 05, 2009.  A capable administrator with 3326 posts to his credit, Ed's steadfast efforts have been a blessing to the many people who belong to this forum and for visitors seeking reliable and competent information about the coming Planet X tribulation.

On behalf of myself, Senior Administrator Barbara Townsend and all of the wonderful administrators and moderators to make this formum possible, I ask each of you to consider an expression of your appreciation for the wonderful work he has done for this forum. 

Ed's email address is:

I have added his brother Brian to the mail forward so your message of support can reach the family. 

Ed my dear old friend, you will be missed.

With love, Marshall Masters

Ed, be one with the universe.

I had thought about Ed often in the past few months but did not know he passed until I got the message from his brother Brian today,
then I saw your email.
Many thanks for posting this tribute to Ed.
He is a beautiful soul and I am sure his family misses him so much.
His Town Hall family misses him too.
I will keep his name up on his boards a little while longer...

- bt


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