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Author Topic: Remote Viewing the Future  (Read 7331 times)


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Re: Remote Viewing the Future
« Reply #30 on: December 05, 2017, 10:49:04 AM »
Interesting prediction from the “Time Crossed” Project predicting a major blackout in the US starting @41, maybe PX related??

Thanks for the item, Madmax.  I included the following in my daily message to family and friends:
The Time Cross Project remote viewing sessions for December 2017 include a description of a major blackout in many places in the USA, with frightening news in the media, panic in the populace, and a "structure" in the sky.  In "Remote Viewing December 2017, Plus October Farsight Results" at  from time 41:00 to 56:07.

Comment:  I received the thought that the Cabal is planning that event as a 9/11-type attack, and if the Council of Worlds permits it to proceed, it will be because the Council considers it to be a useful event to force the populace to update their mindset and behavior (to "wake up" to reality), and/or as an introduction to pole-shift scenarios, thus inducing more people to prepare themselves physically and spiritually.  -- Jim


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