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9/23 Daily Vision
« on: July 29, 2017, 03:35:31 AM »
I felt compelled to share this one.

For at least around 2 years, and I mean this literally, no stretching or embellishing, but for around the last 2 years, almost daily, my wife is drawn to look at a clock, and it is at 9:23.  Indeed it is 9:23 twice a day at least on the clocks in our house anyway, and sometimes she will look at the clock and see 9:23 two times a day.  She will call my attention to it each time, provided I am here at the time, and she will say 'look David...' and she points at the clock.  Sure enough, the clock will read 9:23.  Just last night the phone rang, it was her sister, and she called out to me as she answered the phone and said "look, 9:23"

She says this had been going on for quite some time before she brought it to my attention.  But it was happening so frequently that she finally had to tell me.  It happens so often with such accuracy that it began to be a concern to us.  So the last 2 years we watched as the calendar date turned to September 23 - wondering what was going to happen on that day.  Surly it must be something, but what.  Well, nothing happened at all the last two 9/23 dates.

But now, as I have discovered this planet x information, we think we may know what it may mean.

According to Revelation 12, and the Virgo sign, and Jupiter being in the womb and the red dragon waiting near by, the birth (according to biblical scholars and prophecy teachers, the birth of Jupiter coming out of the womb should happen on 9/23/2017.   

More information on the possible 9/23/2017 here in these videos:  What will happen on September 23, 2017? Something Epic This Way Comes September 23, 2017 End Times Documentary

All of these videos give pause to the possibility that Sept. 23 could be the day.  Will it be though?  Maybe, maybe not.  It depends on the accuracy of interpretation and the accuracy of calendars and probably many other factors, but I found this interesting enough to share.

Angel continues to be drawn to look at the clock at 9:23 almost daily.  This year, we may find out why.


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