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« on: August 07, 2017, 06:15:51 AM »
Joel Salatin on 'mobile farming' [see beginning @ 5:15].

Buy land? Why?
30% of the world's arable lands have become desertified, according to popular guestimates; that's a lot of abandoned land...
"Rent it, lease it, squat on it", as Joel Salatin says; the important thing is that it become productive again. And even if you're squatting, do you think the owner will mind that you're making his land productive again...?

So many 'preppers' whine that they don't have the cash to buy land, when that whole idea is really so 10 or 20 years ago if you look at the bigger picture; besides, even if you 'own' land [ya don't, not really], there's nothing to stop certain parties from taking it away from you again.
Nope; your best bet is [and possible has always been] being able to turn worthless land into valuable land. And that is all about knowledge [i.e. about applying permaculture principles].
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