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« on: September 16, 2017, 08:15:08 PM »
We got a topic "land ducks" and "chickens"... but there is so much more to fowl (including ducks and chickens).

Here we have a homesteader talking about her ducks, geese & chickens and how they mingle [starting from 10:30 min. into the vid]. Turns out, you need to know some basics about such animals or you're gonna be running into big issues.

The ducks and geese need a pond. They dunk under and flush their nostrils with fresh water. They need to.
Then you got yer chickens going for water that yer duck and geese have made filthy...
So: how big is your pond? How many fowl do you have?
Turns out [according to the above link] that the chickens will go for the open water, though you may have thought to supply them with their own water [i.e. separate from the pond for your other fowl].

We're talking a small homesteader here, someone who already took into account that she could only have a few animals but simply underestimated the demands said animals make.
Live 'n learn...
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« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2017, 10:53:47 AM »
Hi Socrates,

In addition to our pond which is used casually only by three land ducks, we give multiple big buckets of fresh well water to each of our flocks at least twice daily.  The pond is constantly flushed out by heavy, hard rains here, in addition to occasional manual drain & fill.  The flocks do mingle in the henyard at breakfast time, but mostly scatter and do their own thing during grazing time when the gates are open.

It is important to give ducks and hens their own separate living quarters, as each flock gets its own bucket of clean water at bedtime, and the water is often still clear and clean by morning which is a good sign of adequate supply, though even that gets dumped on a tree for a fresh morning refill.  It's the daytime buckets that need more careful watching, especially in the heat of summer. 

Our hens avoid the pond, as they have no use for it.


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