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Author Topic: September 23 Possibilities – Is This A Great Sign?  (Read 3852 times)


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September 23 Possibilities – Is This A Great Sign?
« on: September 18, 2017, 02:16:56 PM »

This video is a direct zoom capture of an interview I had with Planet X researcher Dan Dean.  We’ve collaborated on various research efforts for over a decade, and his work on the Bible in conjunction with many other ancient wisdom texts gives Dan a unique historical view of the past and the future. 

Originally, we started out to record this as a Cut to the Chase podcast with three 15-minute segments, but as they say, life is that funny little thing that gets in the way of your plans.  First off my Skype recorder would not work.  As usual, Microsoft is up to its does not play well with others antics. So, I decided to switch to Zoom conferencing for the interview. 

But then Dan got into it, and the discussion lasted for nearly two hours.  On the one hand, I’m looking at the clock and thinking that this is going a bit long for a podcast.  On the other hand, I'm, looking at Dan on the screen and he’s on a roll.  And I love it.  Even though his webcam is an older low resolution , model and a bit grainy, the passion on his face for the topic is stellar. 

So as we covered the points, a thought came to me.  Why not just share this as a raw video recording with the folks who follow my work.  After the interview, I sent Dan an email asking him if that would be OK and he agreed.  So for those of you who follow my work, welcome to my world.  What you’ll see here is the kind of conversations I have with other talented Planet X researchers.  And yes, I look like a man cave refugee in my red sweatshirt but then again, this is raw video.

R.R. Book

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Re: September 23 Possibilities – Is This A Great Sign?
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2017, 02:51:35 PM »
@ 1:01:41, Dan paraphrases the pre-cannonical Hebrew scriptures in the Zohar, explaining that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not intended to be dreaded characters unless one belongs to their enemies, the PTB.  He notes that in the Cannonical Book of Zechariah, they are metaphors for angels who roam the earth and report news back to Heaven.  Dan explains that the Horsemen do not intend any harm to the earth per se, and shares these details about them from the Zohar:

Red Horse: Raphael, Ruler of Spring and the East
Black Horse: Uriel, Ruler of the North and Winter
White Horse: Gabriel, Ruler of the West and Autumn
Pale/Gray/Dappled Horse: Michael the Archangel, Ruler of Summertime and the South.

A.K.A. The angels of the four winds and the four corners of the earth (so when Native Americans honor the four directions, it may be assumed that they are honoring these messengers of God).

Dan says that the Horsemen are sent when it is time for the Kingdom of Heaven to take possession of the earth away from the PTB, whose temporary dominion is referred to as Babylon the Great. 

He continues with Revelation 6, explaining that the conquering angel with the bow and arrow on the white horse is Gabriel.  The angel on the red horse who has permission to remove peace from the earth is Raphael.  The angel on the black horse who brings famine is Uriel. The angel on the gray horse who brings death via weapons, famine, disease and Mother Nature (beasts...) is the Archangel Michael, who is targeting those who fight against the Kingdom of Heaven.  These angels are not causing the Px apocalypse, but its timing may assist their cause.  He does, however, mention that stars and angels are synonymous, so perhaps Px brings with it another class of angels.

The Horsemen are all Good Guys, whose allegiance is to Heaven and to Paradise, according to Dean.

I wonder then, if any of the following may show up in upcoming news:
Notice that in Revelation 6, it is the White Horse that leads the pack, maybe suggesting that the Tribulation begins in Autumn, as we have been expecting, as that angel's power is in Autumn according to Dan.  This conquering angel signals that the power of PTB is over, even though according to the interview the Elite may still seemingly rule in chaos for a few more years.  This Horseman brings a crown, which would seem to symbolize a change of authority.  Interesting that this angel is the ruler of the West, arguably the seat of PTB.

Revelation 6 skips over the winter period here as far as the order of the Horsemen riding out.

That the angel on the Red Horse of Springtime brings a sword to the earth to take away peace is reminiscent to me of Major Dames' remote viewing vision of tensions with North Korea.  But scripture also equates a sword with the human tongue, or language, and perhaps there is more bellicosity than actual exchange of blows?  At any rate, perhaps Passover and the Vernal Equinox bring escalation?

The angel of the Black Horse of Winter rides out next, bringing scales with which to measure economic distress.  At this point something has happened upon the earth to cause food to be of more value than money, such that people are accepting food in place of wages.  A scarcity is suggested by the declared concern over oil and water.  As this angel proceeds from the North, does this suggest that the wealthier Northern Hemisphere of the Earth has caused the economic downturn? 

Michael the Archangel himself then rides last, presumably in summertime, and Revelation 6 says that he is given power over 1/4 of the earth, likely the South as Dan Dean has explained previously, bringing mass death by every imaginable means.  This brings to mind the Southerly approach of Px and the years of Southern Hemisphere cataclysms that have already taken place to-date as it approached perihelion steadily from that direction.

Addendum: I just finished listening to the broadcast, and Dan concluded by outlining a Tribulation timeframe similar to the above.

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