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Author Topic: What is a "Stringer?" answered/What does it take to become a "Stringer?"  (Read 7740 times)


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Posting this also in Notices to Members
Hi All, for starters, I have some instinct for journalism, but am definitely not a pro,  ??? so when Marshall
started talking about "Stringers" for Planet X research (images) I didn't know exactly what it meant.
Well, I had an idea but I needed to define it. Sure enough it is in Wikipedia!
I am posting this definition here. If you have any questions please ask them here and/or message me here on the Town Hall.
I am available for emails too.
Notice: If YOU are interested in helping capture some images of what could be Planet X, Nibiru, The Blue Kachina, The Red Kachina
please post here and/or contact me.

•   To be a Stringer you need to be a Member. So join if you have not done so!
•   Willing to follow a few simple rules such as include the date time label in the webcam capture,
•   or a date time stamp on your own camera's images.
•   At any rate I personally DO appreciate any desire to capture images and to help.
•   My job is to get a little team together.
•   Independent Observers who have already contributed are being contacted.
•   Members who are added as Stringers are given access to a special Stringers Board
•   There they can post images or email them to me,
•   Then I turn the useable images over to the Research Team.

So, I am here and you can post here and msg me.
Barb Townsend (Yowbarb)


Stringer (journalism)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about a freelance journalism term. For other uses, see Stringer.

In journalism, a stringer is a freelance journalist or photographer who contributes reports or photos to a news organization on an ongoing basis but is paid individually for each piece of published or broadcast work.[1]

As freelancers, stringers do not receive a regular salary and the amount and type of work is typically voluntary. However, stringers often have an ongoing relationship with one or more news organizations, to which they provide content on particular topics or locations when the opportunities arise.[2]

The term is typically confined to news industry jargon, and in print or in broadcast terms, stringers are sometimes referred to as correspondents or contributors. At other times, they may not receive any public recognition for the work they have contributed.

A reporter or photographer can "string" for a news organization in a number of different capacities and with varying degrees of regularity, so that the relationship between the organization and the stringer is typically very loose. When it is difficult for a staff reporter or photographer to reach a location quickly for breaking news stories, larger news organizations often rely on local stringers to provide rapid scene descriptions, quotations or photos.[1] In this capacity, stringers are used heavily by most television news organizations and some print publications for video footage, photos, and interviews.

A superstringer is a long-term freelance journalist. He or she is usually a contract worker for one or more news organizations. Traditionally, stringers freelance for a period of time and then become employed full-time by a news organization, but with the collapse of the traditional newspaper advertising model and the emergence of the Internet, many stringers are becoming superstringers.


The etymology of the word is uncertain. Newspapers once paid stringers per inch of printed text they generated, and one theory says the length of this text was measured against a string. The theory given in the Oxford English Dictionary is that a stringer is a person who strings words together, while others use the term because the reporter is "strung along" by a news organization, or kept in a constant state of uncertainty. Another possibility is that using a sports analogy, the freelance journalist is seen as a "second string" whereas the staff journalist positions are more of the "first string." This in turn comes from music, where the first string is the premiere violin in the orchestra, the second string is the next most talented player and so on.[citation needed]
[ More ]
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Marshall now wants the emphasis of the Town Hall to encompass: Earth changes, solar events and preparedness.

He requests that Stringers now report on these subjects:
Man-Made Disasters, Natural Disaster and Preparedness.
This is explained further in the Copy Desk, Board for Stringers

There are several changes to the Stringers group... The Copy Desk Board for Stringers is now READ ONLY. Marshall set that up. It is for instructions only.

Members, please contact me if you want to be part of it or have questions.

Marshall wants reporting done by Stringers in the field preferably their own areas, reporting on events. Preparedness is one big area too. For anyone who doesn't know a Stringer is simply an independent journalist. In our case we are strictly volunteers.
Send me a message. I can be emailed at home too.
Barb Townsend
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If you are already a Stringer and don't know what to do, and do not understand the changes, please just send me a message,
Barb Townsend
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