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Author Topic: Free campsites in ALASKA  (Read 3589 times)


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Free campsites in ALASKA
« on: January 27, 2018, 11:07:43 PM »
Free campsites in ALASKA
Yowbarb Note: For those needing to get inland, there are sites farther north or east, and inland...
... free campsites  What is boondocking?

Yowbarb Note: screen shots: Just a few of the free campsites, not possible to clearly show or list them them all. Also, image of Richardson Hwy in January. Also small map Valzez to Fairbanks.
Richardson Hwy goes Valdez to Fairbanks, farther inland and then on east.)

Good luck with driving conditions up there. Massive snow and ice or slush. If you live in AK at least this gives some idea where the free campgrounds are, farther inland, away from water...

For more accurate complete maps and descriptions of free campsites, click this link:!Alaska&query=region
Free Campsite
Richardson Highway Secluded Pulloff - Fort Greely, Alaska  RV Parking Tent Camping Fishing Hiking
Just before Mile 244 Northbound, just before the marked pulloff, is a road on the right. (63.7481868, -145.8326077) is the beginning of the road. Leads less than a 1/4 mile …

Free Campsite Glacier View Park - Valdez, Alaska
City of Valdez picnic and viewing area. OK to camp here. Right in front of iceberg filled lake. Kayaker go exploring the Valdez Glacier.

Free Campsite Little Nelchina (old) State Rec site - Glennallen, Alaska
North side of the highway, East side of the bridge. This is an old state rec site, currently (2016) not maintained. There are about 8 or so sites, but only …

Free Campsite Cantwell Alaska- Open Gravel Area - Cantwell, Alaska 
DESCRIPTION: Open Gravel area located a little over ½ mile south of Cantwell Alaska. There are no services or trash receptacles at this location. The area is ample …

Free Campsite Nenana River Bridge - Cantwell, Alaska Boating Fishing Boat Ramp Fire Ring Near Water
Between milepost 215 and 216, there is a large gravel lot visible from the highway where rafters put their rafts in the river. There are several campfire rings indicating people …

Free Campsite Big Delta Historical Park - Delta Junction, Alaska
State park that is no longer operating the campground as of 2017 season. We checked with onsite restaurant and they said lack of funds made state pull out operations there …

Free Campsite Kings River - Chickaloon, Alaska  RV Parking Tent Camping OHV Fishing Hiking Wildlife Viewing Near Water Pets Welcome
This is a boondocking place that is focused towards ATV riders. There are spots for camping on both sides of the Kings River Bridge. Large enough most RV's pulling ATV …

Free Campsite Susitna River Bank - Trapper Creek...
[ See many more:!Alaska&query=region ]


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