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Author Topic: Prayer thread for indigenous populations most affected by earth changes  (Read 8170 times)


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Re: Prayer thread for indigenous populations most affected by earth changes
« Reply #75 on: October 14, 2018, 11:28:00 PM »

R.R. Book

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Re: Prayer thread for indigenous populations most affected by earth changes
« Reply #76 on: November 13, 2018, 06:53:40 PM »
Per Jim's linked article earlier this week, am adding Thailand to the prayer list in the wake of flooding that has immersed 600 villages per one report, causing 46,000 people to be evacuated from their homes.

This is a familiar sight in 2018.

The affected villages were all located on the narrow isthmus connecting the mainland of Thailand with Malaysia.

The Zetas warn the Thai people that no place in their country is safe, and to forget about houseboating on the water due to the confluence of too many bodies of water expected to become violent during the pole shift:

However, the second Zeta link above leaves open the possibility that there may be mitigating circumstances.  Perhaps it might be possible to take refuge ahead of time on the highest peak of the mainland, Doi Inthanon in the Shan Highland, at over 8,400' elevation.

As seen in these photos, there is abundant water and agriculture in these mountains.

Mae Klang Luang, occupied by the Karen tribe, is one of several indigenous villages about half-way up the mountain.

The Karen people grow coffee on the mountain at around 6,000' elevation.  In spite of the remote location, one mountain village boasts a coffee shop with a logo that looks a bit like a Starbucks sign:

The Karen village also encourages ecotourists to visit and participate in their agrarian community in order to learn sustainable practices first-hand.

This map of the mountain reveals that it contains caves, which potentially offer refuge during the pole shift.  In addition, it shows the indigenous villages are located in a protected national park.

May the people of Thailand who do not elect to emigrate out of the country understand that it is time to get to higher ground in the Shan Highlands.  May they not waste time in gathering their families and moving out of harm's way.  May the less-traumatic scenario envisioned by the Zetas for geological upheaval of Thailand be their fate.

During the festival of Kathin, which marks the end of the Buddhist lentin season, the women of the local villages lovingly weave a fresh set of clothing for the monks who live further up the mountain.
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