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Author Topic: NASA News - 2018  (Read 173 times)


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NASA News - 2018
« on: June 05, 2018, 01:48:02 PM »
This could be VERY interesting !! 

What has Nasa found on Mars? Space agency to make a major announcement on Thursday about life on the red planet  ;D

Nasa will reveal ‘new results from Mars Curiosity rover’ at the press conference
The announcement could provide new evidence of life on the red planet
Curiosity has started drilling into the Martian surface after an 18-month hiatus

Nasa will hold a press conference to reveal its latest findings from Mars this week.

Few details have leaked about the mysterious new announcement, which will be streamed online from 7pm BST (2pm EDT) on Thursday 7 June.

Nasa is staying tight-lipped about what it has discovered on the red planet, but it has confirmed the announcement will feature ‘new science results from Nasa's Mars Curiosity rover’.

Curiosity was sent to Mars in August 2012 to to study its climate and geology as well as investigate whether the planet could sustain life or has liquid water.

It is possible the new 'science results' from the rover could relate to Martian life.


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