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Author Topic: White spiritual teacher welcomed by Hopi to make documentary  (Read 50 times)

R.R. Book

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White spiritual teacher welcomed by Hopi to make documentary
« on: August 10, 2018, 04:01:30 PM »
Narrator of the following in-progress video series is a Christocentric individual who has broadly studied other traditions as well as the sciences, and seems to have integrated them into a coherent whole. 

He makes a remarkable statement in this series: any person of peace may camp out on Hopi land and live among them, which he himself does in order to make the documentary.  Those of you reading this who have no other place of refuge may want to take note...our numbers are relatively small, so a lengthy, respectful sojourn by a few of our readers probably would not overwhelm the Hopi.

Narrator prefaces the discussion by emphasizing the steps he has taken to be tactful: not photographing burial grounds, etc.  He does break federal - but not tribal - law in order to take drone camera footage, with at least tacit permission from his hosts, giving us a rare glimpse of the "lay of the land." 

The Hopi guard some secrets, such as the location of a broken stone tablet from the Great Spirit whom they call Massau'u' (Messiah?).  Narrator explains that instead of directly asking questions, the Hopi are more comfortable allowing guests to arrive at an answer themselves and allow them to confirm it.

The one adjective used repeatedly in describing the Hopi is "humble."  Their land is kept very plain, with no tourist attractions such as a casino.  Two things stand out: an aerial view of the Four Corners Monument in New Mexico and a mysterious adjacent structure - both modern - which the Bureau of Land Management tried to stop narrator from filming.  The BLM was responsible for the construction of both, not the Hopi.  Close-up screenshot of the odd adjacent structure at the bottom of this post.  Is there a similarity with the crop circle discs that we discussed yesterday?

Two more things stand out: dinosaur footprints are everywhere, and there are no cell phone towers.

No discussions with the Hopi may be recorded, especially with regard to the prophecies and the secrets, not even with pencil and paper, so that nothing becomes commercialized. 

Monuments can be visited in person that may exist nowhere on film.  The drone camera allowed narrator access to places that would be difficult to get to on foot and impossible with a vehicle. 

The Natives live out in the middle of the desert in huts, scattered all about the land, without electricity.  At night, there is the remarkable sight of the desert being lit up with thousands of torches.

To Be Continued...

The landscapes in the Four Corners area are like four completely different planets, and you cross from one scene to another abruptly.

This was more of a spiritual visit for me.  I just wanted to get in touch with the Father / Source and just feel what was going on.

There is currently some distortion of Hopi prophecy because of tensions with the Navajo over the Zuni tribe in between them.
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Re: White spiritual teacher welcomed by Hopi to make documentary
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2018, 01:21:05 PM »
What an amazing revelation reading the article and viewing the videos, especially the first one.

I had no idea the Hopi had maintained a lot of their old ways.  It was a totally pleasant shock to learn they have no casinos, no 4G cell towers, (and presumably no 5G next year either!), and all of this makes me want to visit them!

Thanks for posting, RR!!!!!


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