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Author Topic: Another dangerous comet accompanying the Px system  (Read 461 times)

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Another dangerous comet accompanying the Px system
« on: July 22, 2018, 06:47:13 PM »

Kostelac says he used astronomical software last night to trace the origin of silent plasma discharges over the outskirts of Rijeka, Croatia that caused a fire on the ground, large hail and several people to be struck by lightning. 

In the screenshot below, we see that he discovered that Comet Lemmon C/2012 F6 was the only object in the sky.  The comet's orbital path is shown by the yellow line in the screenshot, while the only yellow circle to the left of the line is Rijeka.

This is an extremely dangerous comet.  Wherever it passes, grass no longer grows there on the ground.

We are dealing with objects very low to the ground, maybe from 5 to 10 kilometers high.  And what does this measurement also measure?  This is the altitude where the planes are flying.
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