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Author Topic: Disclosure - progress and events  (Read 5791 times)

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Re: Disclosure - progress and events
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Ilinda, besides casually remarking about the subject in some of his lengthier lectures which cover many topics at once, here is a website that involves him:

What if I don’t have hybrid children? (All hybrids are your children, even if they’re not genetically yours… )

By the time we interact physically with the hybrids, the social structures of that reality will be very different.  The concept of “Oneness” will be something we experientially live by and we’ll understand that everyone is all archetypes… Everyone is our child, mother, father, and sibling.  The families will therefore be less oriented toward independent family units but will be increasingly oriented toward collective communities.  This is important to understand because as some mothers may have 20-50 genetic children, kids may at times be attracted to another family or mother for a period of time and they’ll go wherever they’re attracted.


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