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Author Topic: Earth's ancient monuments = Infrasonic artifacts to guide us through the change?  (Read 542 times)

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This very brief film by Earthly Patriot posits the fascinating thesis that maybe the following phenomena are all connected by one common denominator: Infrasound generated by earth's ancient monuments, which may have been built to help guide the planet - using sound - through the coming changes:

*Ice circles
*Water disturbances
*Radar map patterns
*Trumpet sounds
*Mystery booms
*Fire-breathing holes in the ground
*Particle beams from the South Pole
*Birds dropping from the sky
*Maybe aquatic life washing or leaping ashore

E.P. notes that ancient sacred monuments are evenly spaced around a geometrically-shaped corridor of the globe.

She also includes an insert by Linda Moulton Howe suggesting that a relatively recent slight flattening out of earth's sphere may be triggering, from deep within the earth, additional infrasound waves, which may be bounced back at the earth by the ionosphere acting in the manner of a stereo receiver.  If true, this would settle the flat-earth debate, as we'd need to view the earth as being a flexible body, able either to balloon itself out or flatten, depending upon the need and occasion.

More about that here:

Included in EP's film is a suggestion of possible causality by our sun, which she further suggests may be awakened or augmented by the arrival of our binary sun and its accompanying bodies.  The same may be true for our human bodies and brains.

If only we could hear the monuments' songs!   

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R.R. Book

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More about Linda Moulton Howe's article referred to in the previous post:

The article is subscription-based, but right at the start of it is a remarkable statement:

“An Earth's 'inner-inner core,' about half the diameter of the whole inner core, has been found to have iron crystals ... aligned differently, that behave differently from their counterparts in the outer-inner core. That means the Earth's inner-inner core could be made of a different type of crystal.”

-, February 9, 2015

Where to begin with that statement...

First of all, in my two years of chemistry classes, I don't remember ever having heard of "iron crystals," and needed to look that up.

This research supply company provides a succinct explanation:

Iron ( Fe ) - Single Crystal - Material Information. General Description: ... When pure, iron is a lustrous white metal which is soft and very workable. However, it is reactive and easily forms a coating of hydrated oxide on its surface in the presence of moist air.

Thoughts about that:

*Unprocessed iron rarely shows up on the surface of the earth in a pure form, not bound to other minerals as an ore, so the iron at the core of the earth must be unusually pure in order to appear in its crystallized form.  Is that purity a natural, or engineered, state?

*How is inner earth exposed to the air, which is necessary for crystallization?

*In order for such crystals to form, doesn't that indicate a cooling iron core, rather than a molten one, perhaps in response to a cooling sun?

*Are these iron crystals at all musical?

*If so, is this musical vibration an on-going phenomenon, or is it especially triggered by the arrival of our binary sun and/or other bodies or outside influences?

*Is there a connection between the inverted magnetic iron field in the inner-inner core and a past or impending catastrophe, as Velikovsky suggested?,5215.msg105277.html#msg105277
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