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Author Topic: Remote Viewing the Denver International Airport and other info about it  (Read 1425 times)

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This amazing video witnesses three skilled remote viewers, given no information about their target except a case number, visualize locations within the DIA compound and describe them in detail.  The first viewer shares the most disturbing report of all, while the third viewer sees the exterior of the airport but then seems to hit a brick wall, and perhaps someone was blocking her?

Confoundingly, after we hear some creepy details followed by some tamer ones, host Courtney Brown seems inexplicably to disconnect from the dystopian data, and sums it all up by saying:

There you have it; the Denver Airport is just an airport.

Perhaps he is concerned about personal safety or receiving a strike from Youtube.

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Re: Remote Viewing the Denver International Airport and other info about it
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2019, 03:58:05 PM »
Denver International Airport Is Fully Prepared To Be Home To The Luciferian 'New World Order' Government Following An Apocalyptic, 'End Game' False Flag Attack Upon America

Even going so far as to put up one sign covering up a new construction project there actually saying "Are we creating the world's greatest airport? Or preparing for the end of the world?", it's likely not just a 'coincidence' that the airport's dedication plaque bluntly states the airport was funded by "The New World Airport Commission", a group that still doesn't exist in reality to this day. That we know of, anyways.

With DIA's runways shaped like a Nazi swastika while the murals long on display there clearly depicted the admitted goals of the 'new world order' including: 1) Massive depopulation of the Earth; 2) The Death of Judeo-Christianity; 3) Calls for a one-world government and 4) a 'restoration' of nature, as Vigilant Citizen had reported in this November 2008 story about the airport, after seeing all of the allusions to Nazi Germany, would you be surprised if the runways were shaped like a swastika? Draw your own conclusions. The following extended excerpt comes from this Vigilant Citizen story.

An apocalyptic horse with glowing red eyes welcoming visitors? Check. Nightmarish murals? Check. Strange words and symbols embedded in the floor? Check. Gargoyles sitting in suitcases? Check. Runways shaped like a N--i swastika? Check. OK, this place is evil.

But seriously, there are so many irregularities surrounding the DIA, that a voluminous book could be written on the subject. The facilities and the art displayed lead many observers to believe that the DIA is much more than an airport: it is literally a New-Age cathedral, full of occult symbolism and references to secret societies. The art at the DIA is NOT an aggregation of odd choices made by people with poor taste, like many people think.

It is a cohesive collection of symbolic pieces that reflect the philosophy, the beliefs and the goals of the global elite. The DIA is the largest airport in America and it has cost over 4.8 billion dollars. Everything regarding this airport has been meticulously planned and everything is there for a reason.

The Airport

The airport facilities themselves raised a ton of questions regarding the true purpose of the mega-structure. Numerous “creative” theories are floating around the DIA regarding underground military bases, aliens and/or reptilian creatures. While I’m aware that anything is possible, we will stick to the documented facts.

The airport was built in 1995 on 34,000 acres. Its construction forced the Stapleton International airport to shut down, although it used more gates and runways than the DIA. The initial cost of construction was 1.7 billion $ but the final project elevated the bill to 4.8 billion: 3.1 BILLION $ over budget. Numerous irregularities have been reported regarding the construction of the site:

Different contractors have been hired for different parts of the airport. They’ve all been fired after their job was done. This lead observers to believe that it was a strategy to make sure nobody had the full scope of the project.

110 million cubic yards of earth have been moved, way more than usually required. This arose suspicion of construction taking place underground.

5300 miles of fiber optics were installed for communications (USA coast to coast is 3000 miles in comparison).

Fueling system that can pump 1000 gallons of jet fuel per minute. This amount is totally absurd for a commercial airport.

Granite imported from all over the world even if the project was already grossly over budget.

Construction of a huge tunnel system (trucks can circulate in them) and underground trains. Most of those aren’t used at the moment.

With 'Operation Northwoods' giving Americans absolute proof that our own government will launch terrorist attacks against us, blaming them upon others, to get us into a war, assassinate a leader the 'deep state' doesn't like or otherwise influence the American people's opinion, might the 'deep state' soon carry out a massive false flag upon our Republic that leads to the 'end game'?

As Susan Duclos had reported Friday in this story titled "All Hell Is About To Break Loose: The Truth Hidden By The MSM And The Frantic Panic Behind The 'Impeachment Push' As Media Work Overtime To Protect The Deep State Lies", with Nancy Pelosi recently claiming Attorney General Bob Barr had 'gone rogue' and that the DOJ was involved in a cover-up of a cover-up hinting that maybe the demons really do know that something very bad is coming down the pike at them afterall, who'd put it past these evil monsters from launching the 'final false flag' upon America that takes down the Republic and cements the globalists prefered future into place?

"Ignorance is Bliss" - (Agent Smith the first Matrix Movie)


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