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Time travel experiences
« on: December 06, 2011, 09:21:48 AM »
A very interesting first-hand report is at

"AL BIELEK & HIS TIME-TRAVEL TO YEAR 2137 " from the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943.

Earth changes and WW3 are reported BUT for years already past by now (today in Dec. 2011).   Sooo, something is changing future history.

Coastlines were different in 2137 as per some maps currently forecasted, but not by the extreme cases such as those presented by I AM America  or  Gordon Scallion.
Other info relevant to survival is presented.

R.R. Book

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Third Phase of the Moon posted an interesting interview of a man who claims to be the time-traveling son of one of the scientists attempting to replicate the Philadelphia Experiment a generation later.

His father had been studying Tesla's teleportation experiments, he claims, at a research facility in New Jersey between 1956-1964.  Such experiments began in 1943 after the death of Tesla, when his papers were seized by the government and deposited at Los Alamos, rather than being lost as claimed.  That was also the year of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Errors in the Philadelphia Experiment story which was partially fabricated by the Office of Naval Intelligence, according to the interviewee:

*The real experiment was about using teleportation, not cloaking, to move a different ship than the Eldridge: the real ship was the Martha's Vineyard.

*The ship didn't really return to Norfolk, Virginia; it went to Newport News.

*The experiment didn't take place in the Philadelphia Naval Yard, but in Long Island Sound.

*A different set of physicists than credited were actually at the helm of the project.   Instead of being supervised by Einstein, the lead scientist was Oppenheimer.

*The reason such an experiment was warranted was that the Nazi navy had been seeding the bottom of the ocean with explosives.

*During that era, while Los Alamos physicists were trumpeting their development of the A-bomb, the teleportation experiments were quietly going on in the background unannounced.

*The British and Russians were simultaneously working on similar experiments.


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