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Author Topic: Post-Disaster Communications  (Read 404 times)


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Post-Disaster Communications
« on: December 05, 2018, 06:48:42 PM »
What would happen if an electromagnetic (EMP) event or attack destroyed our nation’s power grid?  According to Peter Vincent Pry of the EMP commission (established in 2001 by Congress), the ensuing hardships could wipe out 90% of America's population.  An outcome based on science – not conspiracy. 

According to Radio Free Earth authors Marshall Masters and Duane W. Brayton, dire global threats like this, and others, will determine which radios post-disaster survivors employ to help them organize with like-minded others for enhanced security and self-sufficiency.  When you finish watching this three-part series, you will know which two-way radios to use, for each level of survival organization.

PART 1/3 – TWO WAY SURVIVAL RADIOS:  There is a wide range of handheld, mobile and HF portable two-way radios for preparedness.  Each type will have a unique purpose, and their use will depend on how future survivors organize with like-minded others.

PART 2/3 – THE SURVIVORS:  We live in an age of handheld electronics that connect us to each other in ways our ancestors could have never dreamed of.  Yet, we’re far more vulnerable to disaster than they ever were. 

PART 3/3 – SURVIVORS AND RADIOS: Who survivor organize with, will drive their two-way radio technology needs and decisions.  Therefore, understanding which radios serve which survival mission roles, is the key to success.



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In a post-global disaster world, predators and tyrants will have the best two-way radios, and they'll use them to surveil you at a comfortable distance.

What will you have? Signal flares and red bandannas?

If so, when you least expect it, the predators and tyrants will come to take a spoil and they will torture, rape, and kill without mercy.

This is why Radio Free Earth authors Marshall Masters and Duane W. Brayton have an urgent message for everyone with a serious interest in preparedness. That being, analog RF (radio frequency) is the heartbeat of freedom. Accept no substitutes.

Watch our free videos to learn how to stay safe and free with an affordable strategy for two way communication, both near and far.

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