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YouTube Suppresses for Nibiru Video

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Dear Readers:

Regrettably, will end 2018 on a sour note.  This morning, we received the following email from YouTube:

YouTube <>, 31-Dec-2018
Your channel is no longer eligible to monetize. Learn how to reapply.


During a recent review, our team of policy specialists carefully looked over the videos you’ve uploaded to your channel We found that a significant portion of your channel is not in line with our YouTube Partner Program policies. As of today, your channel is not eligible to monetize and you will not have access to monetization tools and features. Please go to your monetization page to read more about the specific policy our specialists flagged.


R.R. Book:
Numerous others in the Truth Community are experiencing similar issues with Youtube, and like you, are opting to go the independent route. 

Perhaps Youtube would like to see more kitty, puppy and bunny films than they already have instead?

The video in that link, that was a pretty damning piece of evidence. In fact, Nibiru actually looks a LOT larger than all the previous videos. So, its obvious that its much closer now.At least it looked larger than previous videos.

R.R. Book:
Agreed.  It might help to explain this:,6917.msg108656.html#msg108656

wow. Surely people would suspect something is up for them to replace windows on planes then....or you would at least think so anyway. I dont think i could get on a plane with no windows. For me, that'd be like driving a car with no windows as well. No, i like seeing where im headed lol


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