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Author Topic: Long-storage wheat  (Read 462 times)

R.R. Book

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Long-storage wheat
« on: November 23, 2019, 02:55:24 PM »
Adapt 2030 presented a discussion on shortages in the wheat market, as well as a chart on the six different types of wheat and how they're used:

Any of the hard varieties are good for long-term storage
 if you have a manual grain mill.


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Re: Long-storage wheat
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2020, 08:44:21 AM »
Two days ago i went to an old-collegue's 45th birthday party; it was kinda weird since over half the people there were freemasons and my friend is also one [used to be an oddfellow]. Anyway, there was booze, singing and a reading by this guy telling a tale of a 17th century Dutch sailing voyage to the far east.
This all took place in a tavern set up to celibrate the 17th century... 17th century cuisine, accoutrements, etc.
Actually quite quaint. The owner is one of his friends and my friend's sous chef there [though i know him from my IT days and never realized he was a cook at heart].

Anywho... my point is that these people interested in 17th century Dutch culture and cuisine had some interesting tidbits to share. Like how sourkraut does not supply Vit. C on long voyages... I did not know that; actually it destroys Vit. C. ...

So this got me thinking and remembering; long ago i remember hearing about how one can bake a sourdough bread, let it dry and hang it up on a string to keep 'indefinitely'...
Well, us 'preps' love the word "indefinitely", no?
In this tale this fellow told of a voyage to the far east, they landed in Madagascar and found only water since the food had been already confiscated by a previous ship. So now, i say thee, what if they only needed water?
Yes, of course, they needed Vit. C. and the local plants could've supplied as much; but these lot after months at sea were literally starving for calories mainly.
[Of course they did not realize in those days that simply eating local vegatation and/or fruits would supply as much, and we are in our own day-and-age blessed with such realizations...]

So, anyway... "bread"; what it is, what it ain't?; the popular 'western' view of 'bread' changed dramatically in the '30's but we are perhaps putting it down as a source of carbohydrates due to what has happened this last century.
And, again, nowadays [everything's relative] we have kamut and spelt, i.e. grains of superior [if not ancient] quality. Make bread out of that [!], why don't ya?

There is hardtack and i'm respectful of that [especially combined with Prepsteaders' vids on pemmican and portable soup]; having said that, i think hardtack is a poor cousin to properly grown and fermented grain made into sourdough bread... [i.e. that one might then hang on a string until dry].
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