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Author Topic: Signs 32 – 2019 Portends a Rough Year  (Read 419 times)


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Signs 32 – 2019 Portends a Rough Year
« on: February 02, 2019, 05:45:01 PM »
In Signs 31 – 2018 Was The Worst Ever! We stated: “In terms of observed fireballs and earthquakes of all magnitudes, 2018 was the worst year on record. In fact, the worst yet for recorded history.”

Is there any hope that 2019 will bring a much-desired reversal in the dataset trends? No way. No how.

Instead, what the final numbers for January 2019 offer are the same conundrum that has haunted us since we began this series. Where is the tipping point? When will the trends cross the threshold into a worldwide realization that we’re entering a long period of tribulation? These are the questions we expect our readers to ask, but they are not the same questions we’re asking as researchers.

As researchers, the relevant question is also a threshold issue. That being, at what point will those who are perceptive about the disturbing trends evidenced in the state of the planet, and what will they do about it?


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