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“Q” Revelations
« on: March 06, 2019, 02:42:16 PM »
Will Deep State Disclose Buried Antarctic Civilization to Distract from Looming Mass Arrests?

Multiple independent sources have claimed that the Deep State has authorized disclosure of a buried civilization in Antarctica as a means of distracting the mainstream media and general public from looming mass arrests, which will involve charges of subversion, child trafficking and a host of other serious crimes against compromised government officials according to the military intelligence group Q Anon.

A large Octagon shaped structure that is estimated to be 62 acres in size and buried under 50 feet of ice near the Beardsmore Glacier in West Antarctica appears to be the catalyst for such an announcement. Two whistleblowers, a Navy Seal and a US Marine Corps special operator, using the pseudonym Spartan 1 and Spartan 2 have emerged and shared their testimonies with veteran UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe about the Octagon and the buried technological wonders of Antarctica.

Spartan 1 described entering the Octagon in 2003 to extract a scientist in a video released by Howe on January 23, 2018. Spartan 1’s account of the ancient age and advanced technologies found in the structure, which had multiple layers stretching deep down into the two mile ice sheet was covered in an earlier article.

In the live streaming on February 20, where more of Spartan 1’s testimony was released, he described how a submarine was used to travel from the coastline under the ice sheet to enter the structure at an entry point approximately two miles beneath the ice. This corroborates historic claims that submarines where initially used by Nazi Germany to travel from the Antarctic coast line deep under the ice sheets to establish hidden bases in naturally formed caverns since the early 1940’s.

Howe also released the testimony of Spartan 2 who referred to Antarctica containing “wonders beyond what most can comprehend” with “ties to space and technology beyond belief”. [Timestamp 22:06]

New York Times best-selling author David Wilcock released his own video of Howe’s stunning interview with Spartan 1 and 2, which quickly amassed over 300,000 views by time of writing. After the release of his video, Wilcock was told by his insider sources that an official announcement about the Antarctic discovery had finally been authorized by the Deep State:

Additionally, just since this video went live, we have gotten additional briefings that the Deep State folks are apparently indeed moving forward with the plan to do the Antarctic Atlantis and undersea ruins disclosure in the near future. We heard for some time that they might do this when they are really in trouble, and that time is now.

In early 2017, secret space program insider Corey Goode says he was taken to Antarctica where he got to see first-hand the flash frozen civilization that had been discovered in Antarctica. Goode said that in 2002, scientists and archeologists were allowed to visit the buried artifacts and begin excavations and study the remains. This is consistent with what Spartan 1 later revealed about his August 2003 mission to go and retrieve a government scientist who had been earlier dropped off at the buried Octagon structure to study it.

Goode was the first to claim that the Antarctic ruins and excavations would be revealed in a partial disclosure initiative in order to distract the mass media from looming mass arrests and criminal cases involving Deep State officials:

The Partial Disclosure plan includes … The unveiling of ancient, high-tech ruins in Antarctica that have been newly excavated. This will prove that “Atlantis” was very real, and far more advanced than we thought….

The rapidly-escalating downfall of high-level elite human trafficking rings is bringing these issues to the immediate forefront. The Cabal has run out of time – and they know it.

For many years they have planned on using a partial disclosure to distract and inspire the public if the full nature of their crimes were to become known.

Another researcher with his own independent insider sources about recent discoveries in Antarctica is author Steve Quayle who told radio host, Dave Hodges about what his sources are telling him about an impending announcement, which was also a political deception contrived by the Deep State. Hodges announced in a February 22 video that:

… there is a great deception coming and it has to do with revelation about aliens, but it’s not going to be a real revelation, it’s going to be a fake revelation. There is going to be announced fossilized findings, geological findings that connect Antarctica to Mars… It’s a political purpose, it’s great deception…. I don’t know when they are going to release this. Steve got a heads up that it’s coming from inside sources.

In sum, Wilcock, Goode and Quayle all claim that an announcement about ruins discovered in Antarctica are impending, and that this is related to a political deception of some kind


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Re: “Q” Revelations
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2019, 02:50:42 PM »
GITMO Secret, Nothing Happening Here, Look Over There--Deep State Panic

It doesn’t matter if you were the GITMO Commander years back, or you are a military officer or NCO that has been there, or (me) having been there at least 6 times as a pilot flying State Department contract flights in the late 80′s, the fact of the matter is simple…..nobody can know the truth about why GITMO has been renovated and ready for an additional 4,000 detainees above and beyond the 41 detainees currently at GITMO because any and all upcoming operations at GITMO are being held secret.

All deployments currently happening with U.S. based Military Police units since 2017 are ALL told before deployment to “NOT talk to the media about your mission.”

In addition to current Military Police staff at GITMO, why is it necessary to have several hundred for 41 detainees?

“120 members of the Connecticut Army National Guard are preparing to deploy to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (March4th) to serve for a year at the U.S. military detention center.”

There is NO media source (at this point) which has any data or intel to suggest GITMO is being readied for those in the Deep State that have committed treason against the United States.

“Q” NEVER said that FEMA sent prison barges to GITMO, however…..the “Q” team continue to drop “breadcrumbs” suggesting those [placeholders] having committed treason will face military tribunals.

There is no way in hell a civilian court can be trusted with any and all prosecutions involving sedition and treason. The upcoming trials will be held by a military tribunal in extreme secrecy (either) inside the United States or at GITMO.

Therefore…..with 41 remaining detainees left at GITMO and several that will be removed, what do YOU think is about to happen??

ISIS is about dismantled and the “war on terror” is becoming a failed Bush / Obama legacy, but yet…major operations are underway to get GITMO up-to-par for “some really bad dudes,” according to Trump.

Once convicted by a Military Tribunal, the best and safest place to imprison them is at GITMO, otherwise, any prison inside the United States would probably be attacked. Limited access to these Deep State criminals is key to slowing-down a revamped attempt to overthrow the government.

“Q” hasn’t been wrong, but the timeline is always expected to change. Listen to Jerome Corsi discuss what he knows about “Q” and decide if being an Alex Jones “Q” denier suits your fears.


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Re: “Q” Revelations
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2020, 11:39:52 AM »
We keep hearing about the "Q" revelations, and the current ones claim celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Oprah, Celine Dion, and many others will, because of their alleged sinister sex/pedophile connections, be arrested or are already arrested and given a choice of "saving their reputation" by choosing suicide or accident, or coming clean and enduring public court  cases.

A few of the names such as Kevin Spacey would  be "iffy", but when I kept reading Oprah's name included, wondered how far this twisted tale has gone.  Then just this morning it was announced that Oprah finally responded to the allegations and asserts that she has neither been involved in such things, but also has not been arrested.  She is at home, but not under house arrest.  Further Tom Hanks, I read yesterday, has been released from the hospital. 

I know next-to-nothing about Tom Hanks, and not much more about Oprah, but always found it almost impossible to believe Oprah would be involved in such things.  Now, I'm open to someone proving me wrong, but will need more than "an announcement from Q".  "Q" is sort of like Wikipedia--anyone can post anything.

Here is just one snippet of several posts about/by Oprah:
QAnon beliefs have become more bizarre – and more persuasive – as the coronavirus pandemic news cycle normalizes the unexpected  
Winfrey's condemnation of the hoax continued to stoke a fire that had started with QAnon, the unsettling large population of online conspiracists who follow an increasingly bizarre, unsubstantiated belief system that, in short, suggests President Donald Trump is secretly orchestrating a takedown of a global elite pedophilia ring, in what QAnon believers have termed a "Great" or "Greater Awakening."

QAnon has pushed the debunked "Pizzagate"(see below) narrative and helped further conspiracies about the death of Jeffrey Epstein into mainstream belief. Now, with the timing of the global coronavirus pandemic, at least some QAnon believers think the "Great Awakening" is coming, and bringing down A-list celebrities with it. 

That's how the theory that Winfrey had been arrested and that her property had been raided came about, and it seemingly spread quicker than QAnon leads usually do, thanks to the strange and anxiety-inducing online environment that's been culminating as a result of widespread quarantining.
Pizzagate, the fake news conspiracy theory that led to a gunman to DC’s Comet Ping Pong explained

….The Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington, DC, at the center of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Sunday, a man walked into a pizzeria in Washington, DC, with an assault rifle and fired one or more shots.
The scene, thankfully, was not another example of a mass shooting — no one was injured or killed. Instead, it was the result of a fake news story about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign that proliferated on social media in the weeks before Election Day.

The totally false conspiracy theory claims that Hillary Clinton and her former campaign chair, John Podesta, ran a child sex ring at the basement of a pizzeria in DC, Comet Ping Pong (which doesn’t even have a basement). Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump supporters and white supremacists on social media have pushed the conspiracy theory — leading to headlines like “Pizzagate: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite” on fake news websites.

Maybe before posting such things about all the celebrities who are being arrested and given choices of how to die, or public shame, find out if there is any truth to these stories.  Mind you, I'm not a fan of celebrities, but after reading about the abuse Oprah suffered as a youngster, and how she rose above it, it seems rather crude, rude and boorish to perpetuate stories like the ones circulating now, unless there is proof.
End of rant.


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