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Author Topic: Signs 38 – Beta Taurid Stowaway Alert #2  (Read 72 times)


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Signs 38 – Beta Taurid Stowaway Alert #2
« on: June 14, 2019, 11:59:51 AM »
Most asteroid stories are one-trick ponies.  They come, make a splash and go. This is a story with legs because it is about a clear and present danger.  Namely, the stowaways in the Beta Taurid stream, some of which could be as big as ~100m.

In our previous alert, Signs 37 – Beta Taurid Stowaway Alert we began by raising the question, “There is no doubt that there are stowaways in the Beta Taurids’ stream.  However, the question is, how did they get there?”  The answer is that we’re seeing a merging of the Nemesis cloud and the Beta Taurid swarm.  Consequently, Earth is being pummeled by an unusually large amount of “asteroid dust” as the astronomers call it which is forcing noctilucent clouds below the artic into regions where we should not be seeing these clouds.

If you’re new to this, please read the article and listen to my interview with Rex Bear, host of the Leak Project.


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Re: Signs 38 – Beta Taurid Stowaway Alert #2
« Reply #1 on: Today at 03:08:23 PM »

Earth Is Moving Toward The Same Meteor Swarm That Scientists Believe Caused The Tunguska Explosion Of 1908!!  :o

Over the next several weeks, our planet will have a close encounter with the Taurid meteor swarm.  It will be the closest that we have been to the center of the meteor swarm since 1975, and we won’t have an encounter this close again until 2032.  So for astronomers, this is a really big deal.

  And hopefully there will be no danger to Earth during this pass, but some scientists are absolutely convinced that the Tunguska explosion of 1908 which flattened 80 million trees in Russia was caused by an object from the Taurid meteor swarm. As you will see below, the last week of June will mark the point when we are the closest to the center of the meteor swarm, and so that will be when the risk is the greatest.  According to CBS News, our planet “will approach within 30,000,000 km of the center of the Taurid swarm” by the end of this month…

Researchers from the Universities of New Mexico and Western Ontario warn we could be in for a similarly catastrophic event.

    “If the Tunguska object was a member of a Beta Taurid stream, then the last week in June 2019 will be the next occasion with a high probability for Tunguska-like collisions or near-misses,” the researchers wrote in a recent paper.

Scientists have discovered a new branch of the Taurids meteor stream that could pose a major risk to Earth, with asteroids up to 1,000 feet wide flying past us every few years.

If a 1,000 foot asteroid hit our planet tomorrow, we would be talking about the sort of civilization-changing event that I have been warning about for a very long time.

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Re: Signs 38 – Beta Taurid Stowaway Alert #2
« Reply #2 on: Today at 07:49:32 PM »
It's embarrassing to admit to such ignorance, but this is almost the first time I've read/heard about the Beta Taurid stream.  Reading the article is enough to make a person realize what it feels like to be unprepared!  Yikes.


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