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Author Topic: Anunnaki: Friend or Foe of Humanity, addressed in the media  (Read 4528 times)


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Re: Anunnaki: Friend or Foe of Humanity, addressed in the media
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Am absolutely floored that it was an Okie who translated the Emerald Tablets, given the cultural constraints at the time.  My own father, who was an Okie, was considered by more conservative family members there to be a prime candidate for H-ll for his constant discussions about Ufology, Sitchin, etc.  ::)

R.R. wow what an interesting person he must have been...

R.R. Book

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Re: Anunnaki: Friend or Foe of Humanity, addressed in the media
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Full text of "Amir Fatir on Aliens in the Quran"   About the Internet Archive

I don't see how I  missed this wonderful post Barb!

Extraterrestrial Aliens and Reptilian Gods in the Quran, Pt IX

by Amir Fatir

Continued from December 2006:
Another verse says the wind
flowed "to the land we blessed."
That usually refers to
Palestine. Therefore, if Solomon
had to send his command to the
blessed land, he wasn't based in
the blessed land. He received his
command from somewhere else
using "the wind" (radio waves?)
to carry it.

And of the Shayateen there were
others who dived for him and did
other work Besides that, and We
kept guard over them.
-Quran 21:82
Solomon forced the devils
(Shayateen) and Jinn to dive for
him. Remember before the
Anunnaki began mining in
Southern Africa, they dived
under water for gold from the
sea. "We" guarded them to
ensure that they worked even
though they didn't want to.
It is clear, from the above
verses, that Solomon was a king
outside of the land of Canaan
who ruled over rebellious,
chained, angry, humiliated
Anunnaki who were accomplished
in many technologies such as
building. The other Anunnaki
("We") kept guard over the Jinn
slaves and punished any
disobedience severely.
Once the work moved to the
South African gold mines, the
punishment became a living hell
for the Anunnaki. It was because
of that situation that the
Anunnaki rebelled and took Enlil
hostage. This was the real reason
that the Annunaki authorized the

was created in the difficult
circumstance of Anunnaki slave labor,
rebellion and near-assassination of
Enlil. Because the Anunnaki were in a
hurry to get gold for Nibiru the Quran
says: "Man has created from haste"
(21:37). To assure that the
manufactured slave could not
overcome his makers, the Quran says
"man was created weak" (4:28). No
animal as large as man is as weak as
man. Based upon size, man should
be five times as strong as he is.
Apparently, humans were deliberately
weakened by Enki's genetic

O Iblis, what prevented you from

To him whom I created with my two

— Quran 38:75

Allah's hands indicated his physical

manipulation of genes in a test tube

(potter's flask) to make man. The

early efforts to clone a hybrid were

unsuccessful. The first clones were

imperfect. Some had organs outside

the body, others could not hold their

urine, some were blind. Thus the

Quran states that "God" gave you

hearing and sight.

Some of the creations were

monsters. Eventually, Enki decided to

"bind the image of the gods" on man

by mixing his own semen into the


Surely We created man from mixed


To try him, so We made him hearing,


— Quran 76:2

He created man from a
small life-germ,

And lo! He is an open

creation of man.


and there was not a man to till

the ground.

--Genesis 2:5

If there were no people, why
would there even be a need to till
the ground? Certainly, the
animals did not demand it. The
only beings on earth who'd need
tilled land were the Annunaki. So
Adam was made to fulfil a need,
to be a farm laborer or slave for
the gods.

And I have not created the Jinn
And the men except to serve me
-- Quran 51:56
This creator god is therefore a
slave master. This is no spirit
being. This is a being who walks,
had hands and feet, who eats,
accepts food offering which
sometimes has to be cooked and
even demands the first born of
animals and humans to be
offered up as sacrifices to
him. Sometimes they were
commanded to give the Lord salt
so he could season his food.
And God said, Let us make man
in Our image after our likeness.

-- Genesis 1:26
The "us" refers to the Anunnaki
Assembly who authorized Enki to
fashion a lulu slave laborer. The
Anunnaki DNA was used to give
him physical resemblance to the

We certainly created man in

Does he think no one has power
over him?
— Quran 90: 4-5


— Quran 16:4
The mixed sperm is Enki's. Elsewhere
it is called "a fluid despised" because
the Enlil clan battled against Enki's
offspring. Also, since Enki was always
trying to use subterfuge to
impregnate unwilling goddesses,
something may have been defective
about Enki's seed.

That however, is unlikely. More likely
is the Anunnaki belief that a son born
of man and his half-sister was
superior to a son between people
who were unrelated. Because
Ninhursag was Enki's half-sister, he
tried desperately to impregnate
her. The child by her was a girl,
however, and thus not in line for rule
over the Anunnaki. Because Sara was
Abraham's half-sister, their child
(Isaac) had precedence over Ishmael
even though Ishmael was older.
He created man from clay like

— Quran 55:14

This - as well as all the created from
clay passages - refers to man's
beginning in clay pottery flasks.
Egyptian history says Ptah (Enki)
created man on a potters
wheel. Other cultures also say that
man was created in clay pottery.
And certainly We created man from
An extract from clay.

— Quran 23: 12

The Anunnaki used an element found
in clay to "bind" the genetic fusion of
man with Anunnaki DNA. But man
was far from perfect. He had
innumerable defects.
To be continued ...


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