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Why Trump Needs to be Our Planet X President


As we progress forward to the 2020 election, Americans will not only be choosing a president.  They’ll be deciding their fate at the hands of the Anunnaki when they return.

At present, the general trend amongst Planet X researchers in America, Russia, and Israel is that objects in the Planet X system will become visible to all the inhabitants of Earth by 2024.  When that happens, the fate of our species will be sealed.  Will it be freedom or slavery?

Those who are unfamiliar with the topic of Planet X may scoff at this as a joke before moving on to something more entertaining.  Or, jump to a faulty conclusion such as that this is about the Trump’s Moscow Planet Hollywood celebrity restaurant, nestled deep in the heart of the Moscow Trump Towers, a skyscraper that was never built.

However, for those of you who do follow the Planet X topic, the time has come to look beyond unfounded hysterical accusations, and to focus on what the coming election will determine.  This means we all need to get out of the gutter slime of MSM propaganda to see what is at stake.  Not from a political height, but from a cosmic height.

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse occurred across parts of the globe, including a swath through the United States from Oregon southeastward, and passing through Missouri, and on toward South Carolina.  I only had to drive about 30 miles to see totality and it was worth it, in spite of camera problems (actually camera operator problems).

It wasn't until that time I learned of the next total solar eclipse passing through our area, which is scheduled for 2024.  So, one would wonder if the current American, Russian and Israeli researchers who predict that all Earthlings will be able to view Planet X in 2024 know that its visibility will be primarily during the 2024 eclipse.  I don't have the answer, so am just throwing this out there for discussion.

Also when the 2024 trajectory was published in 2017, it appears that not only will it cross Missouri again, but this area will be in ground zero, and hopefully I'll be able to capture some better shots that day, assuming the weather cooperates.


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