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Author Topic: Let Me Know When It's Over  (Read 809 times)


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Let Me Know When It's Over
« on: October 16, 2019, 03:38:35 PM »
Saw this article on ZeroHedge thought it would make a good title for a thread ..

Let Me Know When It's Over

Maybe it's my cheap seat or my general exhaustion, but the whole staged spectacle is beyond
tiresome; I've had my fill.

Let me me know when it's over: yes, all of it: the impeachment, the trade dispute with China, U.S. involvement in Syria, the manic stock market rally and the 2020 election.

I'm not interested in following every twist and turn of the endless trauma-drama because none of it changes anything: The rot is too deep for any one person to do much beyond feel-good virtue-signaling and symbolic gestures (tax the billionaires, etc.)

The entire political process has devolved to staged battles in the Bread and Circuses Coliseum, entertainment that is highly profitable for the corporate media that whips the partisan mobs into a frenzy and highly useful for the status quo, as the sound and fury signifying nothing serves to distract the restive audience from the decline of everything of value: civil liberties, free expression, social mobility, free markets and so on.

The nation is in the deadly grip of cartels, monopolies and bureaucracies tasked with increasing and protecting the continuing concentration of wealth and power in financial and political elites.

We are eating our seed corn while borrowing profligately from the future to create an illusion of growth--an illusion that requires ever greater levels of intervention / manipulation and propaganda. Dissent must be buried or silenced, as the absurd disconnects from reality reach new extremes.

China is in the same boat, having borrowed $40 trillion into existence to fund a vast permanent construction project that has completed everything that is remotely useful and is now lumbering onward building ghost cities, stadiums, malls, highways across deserts, etc. because that worked so well for 30 years and policy makers don't have any sustainable alternatives. That malinvestment leads to default and bankruptcy is That Which Cannot Be Spoken, lest the entire financial house of cards collapses.

In other words, a trade agreement won't change anything: the world's major economies are careening toward a demographic / financial / energy cliff that can't be reversed with a trade deal or any other policy tweaks on the margins.

As for all our foreign entanglements--there's no ending them, no matter how disastrous because the Imperial Pretensions / Project has no intention of ceasing the multi-level interventions of postmodern imperialism, regardless of who's president.

Look, the clowns are harassing a chained bear--it's the Stock Market Circus, led by head clown Powellus Absurdus. The must-always-levitate-higher stock market is the comic relief for the dismal slaughter of innocents that makes up the rest of the entertainment. Ha-ha, what fun the clowns make of the enraged bear, until the bear break loose and then ha-ha, the clowns scatter.

The mood of the mob is fast becoming ugly; even the victors of the staged games are being booed. The attention span of the audience has dwindled to the point that few even wait for the outcome of the contest to scream for somebody's blood. The crowd is no longer satiated by gore or drama, and even the comedic interludes no longer mask the sense that the mob is one spark away from taking their rage and frustration out on each other--the vicarious thrills are no longer enough.

Maybe it's my cheap seat or my general exhaustion, but the whole staged spectacle is beyond tiresome; I've had my fill. So let me know when it's all over: the impeachment entertainment, the trade war drama, the stock market comedy, the election circus, all of it.

Until then, I'll look to the real world for amusement and distraction. The Bread and Circuses Coliseum is feeling increasingly deranged and dangerous.


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Re: Let Me Know When It's Over
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2019, 11:04:46 PM »
All those unhealthful situations are exactly the reason why the Earth Alliance and the Galactics are battling those who attempt to promote those situations.  It is not a coincidence that that war is occurring while Nibiru is approaching and Ascension is progressing.  Just look behind the scenes and see the big picture, then perhaps contribute to the cause.

But yes, we could use some more news of progress.  Unfortunately though, the enemy controls the media, so don't expect to see it on television - YET.  I expect some dams to burst, metaphorically speaking, this year and next, so hang in there and chill for now.

Also widen your viewing field.  See the "climate change"?  See the increase in earthquake?  And how about this:

From "ShadowSuper Exopolitical Intel Report: 'Trump/JFK Jr.' -- October 15, 2019"  at
[start excerpts - reformatted]
[end excerpts - reformatted]

And this:

From "Prepare for Galactic Disclosure 2020 – via New Dimension – 10-14-19"  at
[start excerpts]
[IMAGE Oct17-2019_Federation-Of-Light_spaceship_in_cloud_Costa-Rica_sometime.jpg]

This is an actual photograph taken by the people of Costa Rica as the Galactics just recently showed up to gently let people know that they are present and are just cloaked. This is a medium sized mothership and there are thousands more ...
Beginning July 2020 and onwards, there will be no more delay for Galactic disclosure.
[end excerpts]

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R.R. Book

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Re: Let Me Know When It's Over
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2019, 04:06:41 AM »
I try to tune it out as well Max, and had actually gone on a complete news fast (except for the weather), from 2012 through 2016. 

It does seem that our nation is in a precarious place right now, which we could never know every detail about as much of it occurs sub-rosa. 

A civil war does seem possible, if not on the battle field then in other ways, perhaps all intended to drag us back downward away from ascension. 

Perhaps time to "go into the inner rooms" and refocus our attention on what we can create in the new world? 

Will continue to post what seem to be useful pieces of negative news for a while, and then I may return to news fasting once again - and by that time it may not come down to a choice, as the negative news may be halted by an extended blackout.


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