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Author Topic: the sea  (Read 4872 times)


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the sea
« on: March 31, 2020, 01:29:04 AM »
The oldest hominid remains go back 100,000 years; in Indonesia.
Indonesia is near the equator but it also has thousands of miles of coastline. In other words, people must've had access to seafood, even in the direst of times [i.e. no sunlight, no soil, etc.].

Thankfully, though we choose to live off of fruit (and perhaps milk) in times of 'peace', we can live off of meat [i.e. animal proteins] in times of need. Enter seafood.
Now we city slickers may think of fish when it comes to seafood, but check out this series of vids on...
"Let's go to the beach to find seafood". It's all quite exciting, inspirational, instructional, repulsive and entertaining at the same time.

Yesterday, listening to Doug Vogt's predictions for 2047, i realized that if he's right, we're talking glaciers all over the world, even in some cases at the equator, actually in Papua New Guinea.
Clearly, the worst of it [extreme cold or heat, depending on where you are] is to be survived in a cave, but many years afterwards will also have to be overcome. [Then i come back to Bryan Sykes' research indicating that all of mankind stems from only 33 mothers...]
Thankfully, we have 25 years to prepare if he's right. I'm thinking either Kenya or Papua. But in 25 years much can happen.
Hopefully we'll all have this much time.
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