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Author Topic: Community Shelter being built  (Read 14188 times)


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Re: Community Shelter being built
« Reply #30 on: February 09, 2011, 11:55:02 AM »
It's difficult to find any financial institution willing to provide financing for anyone who more likely than not, will never repay the loan.
If there were a way to fund this project without charging admission, I would love to find it. Perhaps someone out there knows of a philanthropic organization that may be willing to assist? (anyone but Muslims, please)
Just remember everybody that the logistics for building a survival abode for numerous people(2000) is complex. Self-contained water
purification system; internalized sewer system tied into the self-contained water purification system. [ yes there is a way to
re-process waste to get the water back to a consumption state. (shudders even thinking about that)]; Self-contained Electrical
power generation; maybe, self-contained food growing areas; Self-contained air-recirculation system etc etc etc. I can think of
many other logistical problems associated with the upkeep and operations of the facility before and AFTER THE EVENT.

 The only thing I can really contribute to this is that it is FAR BETTER to have 20 shelters that hold 100 each than to attempt
a shelter for 2000 in one location. The plan to make more shelters with 100 people each may even cut costs in the final analysis.
Thanks to Alaskanwinter for pointing out 100 per shelter is probably better; as I agree.

Without a doubt, such projects as Rob has proposed with the construction of a facility like Samsara is not cheap by any means.
I would think that the project has already been designed down to the last screw already as the integration of all the complex
systems takes time to design much less build !

For the sake of not getting wordy; I have left much unsaid.

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