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Author Topic: Miscellaneous threats to survival  (Read 107908 times)


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Re: Miscellaneous threats to survival
« Reply #390 on: June 14, 2019, 04:16:03 PM »
ilinda and R.R. great posts, will come back to, soon...

Temporarily changing the subject back to Pit bull fatal attacks, which I sometimes post here in this Topic. Jimfarmers News post from the other day included a current fatal attack, not sure what breed that was who killed his owner who was probably having a seizure.

Story here goes back awhile, a different story, England in 2016, The Journal. This particular tragedy was caused by a pit bull, who had been raised by the victim since a small pup. Not likely the pit was abused, the victim was a well-liked happy go lucky smiling young man. A different breed might have got help, not killed him when he was at his most vulnerable.  Keep that in mind when having pets who could help you or kill you or your kids during turbulent times. You all know my opinion, this breed should be outlawed.

Young man killed by his own dog as he suffered an epileptic seizure

Trigger was then taken to a local vet to be put down.


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