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Author Topic: Quartz Crystal: very few 'people' even have a soul...  (Read 8947 times)

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Re: Quartz Crystal: very few 'people' even have a soul...
« Reply #15 on: May 03, 2018, 08:44:30 AM »
Sounds like a wonderful read Ilinda.


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Re: infrequent carnivorism
« Reply #16 on: March 10, 2019, 09:13:17 PM »
I hear ya; god, i wonder if i'd gone the vegetarian route if i'd been a teenager in this age, for what brought me to it was what i saw concerning how pigs are 'raised' and the torture they endure for the sake of their flesh. But as you point out, there are (more) humane options available today (that were nigh inconceivable in 1985).

Daniel Vitalis ate a vegan diet for 15 years [!] but changed that for reasons similar to the ones you mention. Obviously, though, he doesn't get the flesh he now consumes from supermarkets... He eloquently pointed out in one interview how there have never existed cultures that were vegan, though some vegetarian cultures have thrived. And i have often mused that if one were to eat a can of sardines once in a while, that would make a huge difference to never consuming flesh. And though the death of commercially caught fish is horrific [with them suffocating to death], they have lived their lives free as nature intends.

If you're eating properly raised and slaughtered fowl a few times a year, especially from the point of view of need rather than from enjoyment, i dare say your frequency will survive it. As well, since Quartz Crystal suggests you can increase your frequency even after a mere 7 days of vegetarian eating, with 30 days being significant.

Furthermore it should be noted that neither chimps nor cows are actually vegetarians...
The diet of chimps [our closest genetic relatives in nature] consists of 2% 'animal' protein, with them eating ants, carion and even sometimes hunting down monkeys. And then think of all the bugs cows consume while they're pulling up grass with their tongue; it's not like they're shaking the bugs off or something...
In other words, if you really think about it, occasional animal proteins are quite natural. What is not natural is killing to appease one's cultural, preferential or gustatory motives.

Also, the Bible mentions killing as an act of sacrifice. However, just today i had a talk with a religious fundamentalist who adheres to the common misconception that biblical texts condone the eating of flesh (other than as sacrifice). People who claim this clearly do not actually read the texts they're haphazardly refering to. They are guided by pseudo-religious cultural memes, not by actual religious scripture.
Consider, for instance, this argument: The truth is, the term “unclean” (tameh) signifies “ceremonially unclean” in Leviticus 11, as it does in scores of other occurrences in the Old Testament (87 occurrences in all 5). A man was ceremonially clean at sunset, but the state of his physical health was not under discussion. The meaning of the word itself shows that the Dietary Laws given to Israel were for ceremonial, religious purposes, and there is no way to prove they were given with human health in mind.
Or Genesis 1:29
Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.
I'm guessing infrequent animal sacrifices and the eating of their flesh [i.e. only then] were considered enough animal protein to sustain these folk. The sacrificial act then, is about intention. In other words, there is no comparision to picking up a burger every other day to blessing an animal, taking great care to not cause it distress or pain and then eating it's flesh as a sacrifice, doing so rarely. People who adhered to the rules in the Pentateuch must have viewed eating meat quite differently than people do today.

Belated reply. Interesting concept, infrequent carnivorism.
Many years ago I read about the Hunza people who were (perhaps still are) known to be the longest living peoples on earth.
I think I read this in Scientific American in the 1960s or it could have even been Prevention Mag.
There was an outline of facts about the Hunza lifestyle:


•   Mountain air
•   frequent, (daily consumption) of small amount of wine or other fermented alcoholic beverage
•   No smoking
•   Plant based diet
•   Occasional use of meat. When a goat died the meat was roasted and shared with the entire village
•   I think one thing on the list was the use of dairy products such as yak butter tea, yak butter for


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Re: Quartz Crystal: very few 'people' even have a soul...
« Reply #17 on: March 11, 2019, 01:35:56 PM »
Also, didn't it mention something about water from rushing mountain streams, which because of the mineral content and other factors, their water is a sort of colloid, and extremely health-giving.  That's one of the main things I think I recall in reading about the Hunza.  Does that sound familiar?

And re Soc's comment on chimps and cows not being 100% vegetarian, there are at least two other species that have been discovered to purposely ingest animal protein:  deer and hummingbirds.

I've seen hummingbirds feeding on flying insects, but never realized what they were doing when they seemed to be quickly grabbing at something in the air--repeatedly.  It does resemble what dragonflies do when they feed on smaller insects, and now has been shown that that is exactly what hummingbirds are also doing.

Then a few years ago read about how deer will occasionally, or maybe rarely eat a mouse, or have been seen to eat a mouse.  I think they are theorizing that the need for certain amino acids or whatever has not been met, so the deer will get what it needs, and it instinctively knows how to do this.  More surprises all the time, it seems.


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Re: animal protein/amino acids
« Reply #18 on: March 12, 2019, 01:44:37 AM »
I think it's important to note that our body works from a kind of protein pool, i.e. we need not consume amino acids [or proteins our body breaks down into amino acids] daily, regularly or necessarily even infrequently.

As breatharian David Jubb has pointed out, healthy gut flora will produce up to 27 grams of protein daily, even when one is not eating. So there are a number of processes to take into account, like:
- quality [i.e. over quantity]
- balance
- various sources
- your personal needs
- the fact that you can consume a protein today but utilize it a month from now

Another aspect of balance is that the consumption of proteins demands a higher consumption of sugars [hence dessert after a heavy meal]. In other words: keep your protein intake lower and your sugar intake will also (naturally) decrease [i.e. because your cravings for sugar will diminish].

Yin and Yang, folks. Perhaps this is the main thing i picked up from 'breatharians' so far: if, for instance, you require 1 Mg to every 2 Ca [magnesium to calcium] but you are magnesium deficient, do you increase Mg or decrease Ca intake? Hmmm?
Macrobiotics [Yin-Yang] is about keeping it simple: don't do excessive 'foods' like sugar, for they demand excessive responses to balance them out.

The deer eating mice has a lack of amino acids, it would seem. Perhaps a healthy forest would make that unnecessary, perhaps the forest the deer lives in is growing on bedrock that lacks certain nutrients... [the trees dissolving rocks through their roots and bringing said minerals/nutrients to the surface].
Deer do not have either a digestive system nor dental structure to consume mice, just as people have the dental structure and digestive system of frugavores/fruitarians... And yet all of us are able to [perhaps inefficiently] deal with off-balance sources if push comes to shove.

Ideal? Natural?
It's all relative. When the lion lays next to the lamb and lives off of grass [as humans once did according to Zecharia Sitchin], is that the efficient biological route for the lion...?
Gorillas in Congo live [sic] off of vegetables mainly; their digestive systems don't deal with this readily and they fart all day long. And yet they survive. Biologically speaking, they'd be better off living like the Orang Utan, moving from one fruiting tree to the next all year long. Apparently this isn't possible in the Congo.

We all have our niches in nature, just like various viruses and bacteria live on, only to thrive when opportunity knocks and they are the only ones capable of really taking advantage of the situation.
This reminds me of blood type; so-called humanity is made up of 3 very different 'species', in actuality: blood types A, B and 0 [yeah, that's "zero", not "o"]. Anyway, blood type A are 'vegans', B are 'vegetarians' and 0 are 'carnivores'. However, depending on what sources of nutrition are predominantly availably at any certain time [i.e. during the millennia of development of the species], all 3 blood types [look, AB is just a hybrid of A and B but isn't really a different type; so there are really only 3] survive as their niches in nature demand, but when [let's say] blood type A thrives when all there is to eat is corn, the B's survive; but when the only way to survive is to go nomadic and live off of goat's milk and honey... the B's are on top and the A's survive [i.e. until it's their time again].

This is one of my theories: that mankind developed into the cerebrally superior species we are today because we consist of the 3 blood types that allow 'us' to survive various circumstances while other [i.e. more specialized] species die off.
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Re: Quartz Crystal: very few 'people' even have a soul...
« Reply #19 on: March 12, 2019, 05:00:18 AM »
Amino acids can perform other physiological functions besides being building blocks of protein.  Taurine, for example, is not used at all as a protein, but is vital for neurological functioning and bile formation.  Those are just two examples of why vegans may need to supplement aminos.

Very interesting about probiotics creating usable protein!  And 27 grams would be half of an adult's daily needs, so that would be helpful during famine, provided the gut flora were kept in balance and candida were kept in check by not turning a vegetarian diet into a carb-fest, which I've made the mistake of doing at times.  :)

I've discovered that a good way to get extra magnesium for dieters is to drink plain seltzer, which leaves a feeling of fullness. 

Do fruits count as sugar intake?

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Re: Quartz Crystal: very few 'people' even have a soul...
« Reply #20 on: May 13, 2019, 11:51:45 PM »
Also, didn't it mention something about water from rushing mountain streams, which because of the mineral content and other factors, their water is a sort of colloid, and extremely health-giving.  That's one of the main things I think I recall in reading about the Hunza.  Does that sound familiar?

Hi ilinda - I somehow missed your reply to my post (#16 on: March 10, 2019 )

I don't remember clearly about the rushing mountain water but that makes sense. No doubt the water of the Hunza's is cleaner and richer in minerals.


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