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Gulf Stream is Dead - Earl Of Stirling

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This Youtube playlist for features three videos by the Earl Of Stirling, regarding the current state of the Gulf Stream.

A special thanks to Hugh in Elk, WA for bringing this to our attention.


One would hope that the scientists involved with the Gulf Oil incident are aware of this information as well and are working on it. We are really at the mercy of these people as they are in control of the situation and the rest of the worlds scientists and governments I would think, would be aware that this possibility exists. I would hope even if it is done in secret that they are working to find a fix to this. What would it profit any country to destroy the worlds weather system and create an ice age? I know they are covering their butts, but I want to believe that they are trying to fix the problem.


Ed Douglas:
At this point, you must wonder if this was done intentionally, and can be corrected when the government desires. I say this, because it is perhaps a good idea to keep the oil laden Gulf waters from polluting the entire Atlantic Ocean. Notice; all of the Hurricanes/Tropical Storms this season have gone up the Atlantic seaboard, versus entering the western Carribean, Mexico, and the Gulf of Mexico. As I mentioned, if this 'loop' is a controllable situation, then when will it be returned to normal? What is happening to earth's weather as a result? Personally, I'll be watching to see if it is restored.   ed

They've probably had all sorts of meetings- discussing many options. Since we already know they are aiming for a population of only 500,000 million by sometime in the mid-to-late 2020's, I really doubt they'll put effort into restoring this. They knew what they could have done about it when it began but they took the grimy route. Sprayed all that toxic dispersant, stalled relief efforts, blocked media, fudged health reports and numerous documents, denied foreign assitance from over 30 countries...
Its up in the air whether this was all intentional, but i would think its quite clear to most people that they are doing their damnest in using it to their evil advantage.

Only one thing I'm going to say here though- whatever happens,
Mother Nature will always find a way

Hi Ryan,
You said "population of only 500,000 million".  Make that 500 million.


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