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Title: Best and Cheapest Survival Nutrition
Post by: trueblue2k2 on January 16, 2011, 11:16:48 AM
Sprouting is the best and cheapest way by far to get nutrition on a survival diet. All vitamins are multiplied greatly during the sprouting phase. You can confirm that with Google.  Most cereal crop seeds and beans work well, but many other seeds available in quantity are OK too. 

I found that fenugreek sprout seeds were bigger than the popular alfalfa seeds and did not get stuck in my small sprouter.  Larger sprouts also give you more for your money and effort.

Sprouts are something like lettuce in taste and texture, so you can use the same dressings. Large or long ones need chopping to eat more easily. The type of chopper from "You saw it on TV" works well.

Mother Earth News featured plans for a self-watering sprouter that was large enough for a family.  Find and search their magazine index for it.