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Title: Hypothesis: Nibiru Cycle + Spiritual Cycle = Today
Post by: GenericUser on September 13, 2020, 06:13:24 AM
Having spent 77 years on the surface of this planet deep diving into everything of interest to me in the physical and spiritual realms, I’m putting forth that hypothesis.

Marshall Masters has expounded on the 3,600 year Nibiru/PlanetX orbit. Jesus Christ has revealed the 2,000 year spiritual cycle. Given that both of them are approximate and that there are some factors such as the physical positions of the objects, the earth and the components of the system, relative to each other in the plane of the ecliptic at the time of passing, the impact on this planet varies according to the design of God.

Today it is revealed that the impact will be significant and we are on the cusp of a most significant event, perhaps the greatest impact since humans were walking it or even before.

Those who are interested should follow my “I was wrong....”  Thread in this Topic as it is becoming my final word, but you need to first read ALL of my preceding Threads to get the necessary information like timelines, events, preparations, etc. I’m back here periodically to answer questions, read comments and offer more information or suggestions.

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