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Title: Foods, herbs which help with UV and other hazards
Post by: Yowbarb on June 13, 2010, 10:23:48 AM
Hi All I just found a tidbit of info  - never knew about this.
From Wikipedia,
"There is also evidence that common foods may have some protective ability against sunburn if taken for a period before the exposure.[27] Beta-carotene and lycopene, chemicals found in tomatoes and other fruit, have been found to increase the skin's ability to resist the effects of UV light. In a 2007 study:
After about 10
Title: Re: Foods, herbs which help with UV and other hazards
Post by: Yowbarb on July 01, 2010, 06:44:14 AM
PS Tomato based products and dark chocolate

RE cooked and raw tomato and dark chocolate being good to help against UV exposure:
Since I read that I told it to my two offspring who are here with me sharing the house.
Since then we have had tomato based BBQ sauce, salsa, catsup in practically every meal.
I marinated the meat and cooked it but it wasn't tender enough so then then simmered it in this wonderful Baby Ray southern BBQ sauce along with some vegetable cooking water...the other night we had it in strips along with vegetables. Really really good.

Chocolate is something I actually feel better if I have a few dabs of it per month. I now think of it as an Aztec medicine instead of a vice. If a person consumes more than the few bites then it loses it's medicinal value. (Dr. Weil of Arizona). In this case, mentioned by Dr Weil it is a good substance to lower blood pressure and possibly a blood pressure equalizer.

Also the peppers and the black peppers they use in a lot of the sauces help to digest the meats and also to help witht he bp and cholesterol if that is a problem.