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Title: People Are Getting Wise to Hoax Photos
Post by: admin on December 01, 2009, 02:17:05 PM
We've been seeing Planet X hoax photos for years.  For some time, they were typically uninformed mistakes. However, since early 2008, we've seen a lot of hoax images on the Web that are the result of intentional disinformation efforts.  A common type are the cell phone photos. 

Cell phones have notoriously poor cameras when compared with a basic home camera costing a few hundred dollars.  Consequently, their imaging faults can be used to create hoax images very easily, by those who understand how.

In late 2008, we also began seeing people catching on to these disinformation cell phone hoax photos. {(We just call them "bogies".)  Now more people are catching on and knowing they're being lied to has reaffirmed their own research. 

A good example is a recent post in another forum:

Conspirator, Disclose.TV
NIBIRU - New Photo

In it he says, "I do believe in Nibiru but I hate all the fakes we try to convince everyone cautious..."

Where he fails to make the connection is that he presumes that that "we" whomever that may be is trying to fabricate evidence.  What we find is that about 10% of these cell phone bogies are organic.  However, 90% are planted.

However, that distinction is not the important one with this Disclose.Tv poser.  Rather, the fact that he rejects the frauds and remains standing in his knowing. This is consciousness at work.