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Title: Get home emergency kit for car
Post by: Linda on July 30, 2011, 05:18:49 AM
Found this post and thought it was a good idea if we get stranded in our cars.

We made a get home bag for all of our cars and trucks. They are very basic and work on the water /food /shelter focus.
Each is built in a pack with a hip belt and shoulder adjustments for walking out of.... wherever.

3 liters of water in 1/2 liter bottles. Makes grabbing just a small amount of water easy, and the whole can be broken up to fit the packs where best.
sports bottle with water integral filter
water treatment tabs
Mainstay lifeboat rations. They're about $6 for 3600 calories, and they do not induce thirst. These are the only lifeboat rations that exceed Coast Guard specs.
3 MREs for variety and extra calories (about 1200 per) They include heaters. $5.88 ea.
peanuts for salt and protein /variety
cocoa mix
utensils and cups
Poncho, emergency blanket, gloves, socks and undies.
wet tinder and fire starters
first aid kit with Celox as a blood stop
ravel-sized dental hygiene kit, small sample shampoo, baby wipes
small folding knife
OFF bug repellant
my pack includes a folding shovel..... (dad carries more weight...), extra food for the others

The purposes of our packs are to get home when vehicle travel is impossible due to one of many reasons.
In the event where we are disabled in the hills, we have the option to sit tight until found.
Whether we need to walk out, walk home or migrate (Lord forbid), we have at least 3 days food, and the means to carry and /or find water.
Title: Re: Get home emergency kit for car
Post by: noproblemo2 on July 30, 2011, 06:34:14 AM
VERY wise idea for all to have   :)