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Title: Who the Meek Are and How They Inherit the Earth
Post by: admin on February 15, 2012, 09:01:42 PM
YOWUSA.COM, 15-February-2012
Marshall Masters

When it comes to the topic of 2012 and Planet X, there is a consistent theme among government whistle-blowers.

To a man, they say the same three things. They argue that they are paying a terrible price for their honesty and they each proclaim to “know how Noah felt!”

However, the third thing they say constitutes a warning to anyone who'll listen: “It is time to get your spiritual house in order.” Although each of these men grasps this imperative on an intellectual level, all of them struggle mightily to understand how one achieves that outcome.

This more than anything else frames two critical questions: Who are the most likely to survive and how will they shape the future? In this article, we will identify these survivors and explain why they are the meek and, thus, specially marked to inherit the earth.