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Title: UFO's and How They Relate to Prophecy
Post by: PXSpring on July 25, 2014, 01:13:11 PM
We read in the first chapters of Ezekiel about a UFO that was identified as one of Yahveh's.  We know that Satan copy cats as well - for instance - there are two suns mentioned in the bible - both are referred to as the morning star.  In Ezekiel Satan is described as the morning star and Yeshua is also the bright and morning star(which also brings into prophecy as the real sun "Christ" and the fake Christ coming with a star(Nibiru system).  Satan is also coming back in the physical on the 6Th trump claiming to be God - and Yeshua comes the 2nd time on the 7Th trump to bring us into the millennium period.  Now Yahveh has flying machines which also tells me that Satan also has the same or "like" flying machines. 

I can tell you from first hand experience from my near death experience when I was 6 years old - and then another experience I had when I was 8 years old that there are UFOs.  The account I had with the NDE - I saw Yeshua's machine - it was after I had seen heaven - paradise - two sides of paradise and then taken back down to earth to be shown more end time events.  After I was shown many many similitude's I walked with Yeshua to the side of the house by the garden.  There sat what looked like a crown with jewels.  He and the angel that accompanied him got into it and started it up.  I could see them sitting in the crown - then I heard a low hum sound and out from underneath the craft two wheels came out and circled around the craft - moving faster and faster until it became a ball of light - and then it took off up into the air and it was gone. 

Now when I was 8 years old me, my twin sister and older brother was visited by these fallen angels - demonic spirits - whatever you want to call them but our parents left for the day leaving my older brother to watch us.  As we played out in our front yard we saw a shadow pass over - it was large and my brother yelled out, "They're back!"  I looked up to see a large UFO hovering over - it was round, about the size of a football field - and black on the bottom.  There was a weird electrical feeling and density in the air.  Then it flew out to the area where our pond was.  With this large object came others - I'd say at least 12 to 15.   They were round egg shaped and much smaller.  One of them landed on the other side of the fence by our driveway - others landed out into the walnut grove and others below into the lower pasture.  My brother hid and told us to too.  My twin and I couldn't find a place fast enough - these grey beings approached us - we could see them coming up around the house and to the front lawn.  Two of them walked up to talk to us - they were as tall as we were and long spindly arms and legs and a large head with the almond shaped black coal eyes.  They could not speak from their vocals but telepathic - they wanted us to go with them.  My brother saw this and yelled, "Don't go with them they will do sexual things to you!"

I saw my brother hiding behind a big tree as I looked back at these creatures.  I told them I wanted to touch them and feel their skin - and they let me.  I reached out and touched the forearm on the one who was in contact with me - it felt tight like frogs skin.  I then went up to his hands and turned over to reveal his palm and fingers - which were covered with suction cups like a frog but many suction cups and it only had three fingers.  I turned to another ET that was observing - and saw that this one had a smaller head - similar eyes to humans - very little hair and had 10 fingers on each hand.  In my mind the little one who was talking to me in my head showed me what I would be doing inside the space craft and tempted me with flying the craft -egg shape.  I could see through the floor like it was glass - transparent and inside was a hand shape mold where you would put your hand to drive it.  I knew they were lying at that point because my hand would not fit the mold.

Just then my brother yelled out, "Tell them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ!  They have to leave!  Don't go with them!  Don't just think it but say it out loud."

I wondered about that so I said, "In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave."  They paused - so I said it again.  Again they paused and began to look around to each other.  Then I said it one last time and they began to walk away - up to the egg shaped craft behind the fence by the driveway.  I yelled out, "I don't want you to leave yet, come back."  However, they continued to walk and as I watched one of them tripped - they seemed to move puppet like and look frail.  I laughed as one tripped - it's boot caught the gravel and scuffed the ground.  They walked up to the egg shape as did the others - and I kept my focus on the ones who we spoke to - they walked up to their craft and the door opened and went down which had stairs to climb into.  Then the door shut.  I watched as the machine begin to fire up - it lifted about 4 feet off the ground and it began to change colors with intense heat.  Then it began to spit off the object - and it looked like the object was melting.  It got really hot and began to burn our faces even though we stood about 100 feet away.  It lifted up about 4 feet then began to rock side to side - then shot up into the sky and went into the clouds.  My twin and I looked at each other and said, "They hide in the clouds!"

There was more to this -but it's quite lengthy - this is an example of the difference between the good and bad of these UFOs - which are identified.  For every negative there is a positive.  There has been an uptick in UFO sightings world wide - and it seemed to start 1948 with Roswell and the time that Israel became a state again.  The parable of the fig tree begun 1948.  The prince of the air is Satan - here on earth his spirit.  We also have the Holy Spirit to equal things out. 

We also know that "As the time of Noah" - so are these end times and the fallen angels will be released along with Satan - Defacto - on the 6Th trump - and there will be the first influx of the fallen angels at the very end of the 5Th Trump -which we are in right now - a time of teaching while Yahveh seals his people so that they can make it through the time of tribulation on the 6Th trump.

I'm putting my experiences out there so that people can prepare for the supernatural to come here physically and not be alarmed - and I don't claim to know it all but I have studied for many years.  I'm just wondering how others perceive the UFOs - and what their purpose is and how you think UFO's relate to prophecy.