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Title: Planet X Signs — Update No. 9
Post by: admin on June 22, 2016, 09:06:57 AM
With this new Signs update for June of 2016 comes more bad news. In a nutshell:  more bad, in more places, and more kinds. While the mainstream corporate media carefully avoids The Big Picture, in this article we are going to explore the causes of two disturbing new trends: exploding homes and tornadoes in Europe.

The Tribulation has begun its early phases. Strange, tragic, destructive, rare, and unprecedented events are happening repeatedly, and at a rapidly increasing pace.

We keep seeing: broken car windows and hands holding large hailstones. Muddy rivers raging through city streets, destroying buildings and sweeping away vehicles. Cracked, drought-ridden earth, baked in record-breaking heatwaves. Tons of dead fish floating in rivers or lakes. Thousands of dead red crabs, or shrimp, or squid on a beach. Dozens of dead, beached whales, or turtles. Rivers of snowy-looking hail flowing through streets, later removed by snowplows. Tall ash columns coming from volcanoes. Massive, deadly landslides and mudslides. Sinkholes swallowing cars, trucks, or buses. Groups of animals killed by lightning, or by hail. Powerful tornadoes. Huge supercell thunderstorms that look like spaceships.

Welcome to the early Tribulation. It's time to start getting your ducks in a row.
Title: Re: Planet X Signs — Update No. 9
Post by: Jimfarmer on June 22, 2016, 07:38:56 PM
Groups of animals killed by lightning

People too, as listed in the body of the report.

And another type:  animals attacking people.