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Title: What’s in your “Bug Out Bag”
Post by: MadMax on February 25, 2017, 11:56:48 AM
I am in the process of restocking/re-provisioning my Bug Out Bag. Just ordered one of these very good (and cheap) Chinese dual band (VHF/UHF) radios. It has a lot of nice features it is “tri-power” 1/4/8 Watt output and is a steal for a mere $45.95

This includes free shipping and no tax, other Japanese radios would cost 4-5 times as much. Another nice thing about this radio is that it is ruggedized and had a long life 3800 ma battery back.

Title: Re: What’s in your “Bug Out Bag”
Post by: Yowbarb on February 25, 2017, 11:04:51 PM
 8) Hey, that's quite a bug out bag. :)
Title: Re: “Got My Bug Out Bag Ready”
Post by: Socrates on February 26, 2017, 12:50:50 AM
“Got My Bug Out Bag Ready”
It's funny 'cause it's true...

If you will allow me the time to tell a true story...
So November 2015 i was thrown out into the street by police/state/wife. That's sad, but this is not about evoking pity; fact is this experience was possibly quite similar to what anyone might soon come to experience WTSHTF. It went like this.

I'm at home, it's late afternoon, just minding my own business, actually wondering what's keeping my son and his mom from getting home 'cause they're usually back by that time. I get a phone call.
Some assistant DA is on the line telling me that i have to come to the police station 'to talk', that my 'wife' and son are there and she's claiming i'm unwelcome.

Okay, some clarification here;
- i'd been living there since 2010
- this woman had never said "Get out" and we'd not really even had an argument
- we hadn't discussed divorce or anything
So as far as i'm concerned, all of this is 'out of the blue'.

Now i get told by some stranger that i may never see my son again and that i have a few MINUTES [!!!] to pack my things and leave the house. No warning, no prep; just... BOOM!

I made a few mistakes in gathering my things. You know why? Because this experience itself traumatized me. I'm being told i may never see my son again, i'm being told i have to leave everything i've built up since 2007, i'm being told i'm suddenly homeless. Oh, and on top of all that, i'm being told i've just been stabbed in the back by the one person i just sacrificed the last years of my life for (while hanging in there for my son's sake).

So, WTSHTF, do you think you'll be thinking clearly? 'Cause i wasn't. I could barely stop from breaking down altogether. I started gathering together things while crying about losing my son, distracted by thoughts on 'getting back at' this woman who'd just put a knife in my back after everything i'd put up with to stay by her side.
My biggest mistake: i didn't take a tent. Boy, did that hurt me in the next weeks. It almost got me killed when i was on the road.

At some point i gave up my bike and bike cart and was carrying around 20kg worth of my last possessions on my back. Man, did that limit my mobility. All that weight. And don't forget, i was by that time sleep-deprived, malnourished and mentally crippled by the experience of the preceding weeks. So that hilarious image above made me think about that, about having way too much to haul around, especially in a situation that's on the far side of ideal.

I had 2 things going for me when all this happened:
- i had been training, walking around with a weighted backpack, the months leading up to the event
- i had a bug-out-bag, more or less; meaning it was kinda spread out on the floor, you know, as you sometimes use some of the things in there and are figuring out how to optimalize... Anyway, i did have most of the most important things more or less in one location in the house.

To end this long story, the moral is: be ready / be ready already... Your preps need to be ready already. That's why they're called "preps".
Also, reality is nothing like watching a movie; when you see The Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead or any apocalyptic cinematic rendering, you're watching other people's stress/grief/suffering. It's entertaining, not crippling. But reality is crippling already and that's why you need to have a carefully selected and outfitted bug-out-bag ready already for when TSHTF. But, please take it from me, make that bugger as light as you can. And also be ready to cut the contents back down even more, i.e. already have marked which are primary and which secondary or tertiary, 'cause you might be able to haul 20 pounds around for a while but there could be reasons you'll be needing to cut that down to 10 or even less. You don't know. Being ready for the unknowable also means being ready with different options. Make choices today you most likely won't be able to make in any moment of intense trauma, confusion, terror, grief and other feelings that push rational thinking far to the background of your mind.
Title: a bug-out-bag-PLUS
Post by: Socrates on February 26, 2017, 01:12:56 AM
For the best worse case scenario, i.e. meaning i have to leave my current residence on foot but there's no extreme rush, i have one pack for my back, one for my chest, and then 2 with wheels that i can pull around.

Say, you're heading for some means of transport [like a boat to carry you to safety]; then you only have to go maybe a few miles with your things, but an EMP or whatever has disabled most cars; you're not in a great rush but you have to get to a safer place with as much of your [carefully considered] stuff as possible.
Also, i keep in mind that there might be others with absolutely nothing and they might at some point be able to help you haul around your stuff, especially if it means for them that they can share in your supplies, like the tent and water purifier you (at least) have with you. After all, most people not only do not possess a bug-out-bag, but many folks will be caught out of their homes and forced to move empty-handed. So maybe you can have some extra stuff ready in case of such a scenario, i.e. looking on the bright side... You know what to dump if you lose the luxury of being able to haul around all that extra weight but if your luck holds out, it would be a shame to leave good stuff behind if you don't have to.
My extra bug-out-bags are more sturdy than typical 'air travel' bags but it's basically like thinking what kinda luggage you'd be willing to haul around if all you had to do was make it with your things to and through an airport, i.e. a lot more than yer basic bug-out-bag but still all one single person could manage to haul.
Title: contents
Post by: Socrates on February 26, 2017, 01:22:57 AM
Okay, so my previous posts were mainly on the size of bug-out-bags so i feel i should add something about content.
There are loads and loads of people on YouTube and other places giving good ideas on what to add to a basic bug-out-bag, so i would only like to talk about the things such folk tend to disregard.
A bug-out-bag is commonly considered as what you take with you to handle the next 72 hours. However, most people are not only working from what they'll need to survive a limited cataclysm, but it's also based on the optimistic ( ::) ) assumption  ( ??? ) that after 72 hours there will be help coming / authorities picking up the pieces of society / food and other supplies becoming available. I am not that optimistic in my preps; that's not what i call being ready for the worst [albeit while hoping for the best]. My preps handle with civilisation reboot as well as my own personal survival.

- Seeds; i have a carefully selected pile of seeds that is admittedly way too big... As small as seeds tend to be [except, y'know, an avocado or mango...], there are so many good ones to have if you have to start over, that my collection has been growing and growing. Again, as with bug-out-bags in general, i think it's a good idea to have a primary, secondary and tertiary group. And the primary pile of seeds might even be something you fit into one of your pockets; something you would hold onto for dear life and perhaps even put above your own life... [for mankind falling back into a stone age is hardly worth surviving anyway].
- Books; i know, i know... they're too heavy. That's why i'm working on a book that is a compilation of knowledge mankind needs after TSHTF, a single book that contains it all [yeah, i know it's presumptuous]. Prepping means you have a whole range of knowledge in your mind already, but i have 2 books on all of the elements that i believe would be good to have if you're rebuilding civilisation; books that could shave off millennia of barbarism; knowledge that took mankind millennia to accumulate. One book could make a big difference for the future. (And at least one of my books by Adi Da ( i also consider primary knowledge to save for future generations.)
- Shoes; my Vibrams are made with the highest possible grade soles that will last for years and years to come. Preferably i always wear them just in case. My first pair i've worn for years already and they still have years in them.
- Clothes; i have some special clothing items i especially appreciate, like my baraclava and my woolen jeleba ( They are part of my primary pack.
- Food grinders; if i have any extra space / weight left, i have a grinder that can make juice from grass and one to grind meat. Cast iron, i'm not joking. These could turn hardly-edible things into food and the meat grinder can help preserve meat [sausages], supplying one with nature's most abundant and easily created source of calories.

P.S.: Something one doesn't commonly consider as part of a bug-out-bag is genetic information trapped in creatures... You can't put a goat or dog into your bug-out-bag but maybe they should be right next to it. However, what is possible to carry along is bugs; you might carry a queen and a few bees with you or some silk worms; one supplies carbs in the form of honey, the other proteins/fats as well as silk. Dog and goat don't need to be carried. I'm just sorry carrying around a rabbit or Scobie ( isn't feasible, but perhaps one can have a cage ready for the cases in which it's possible to haul extra stuff with you to a safe location.
However you look at it, if you lose this kind of genetic information, you could regret it the rest of your life.

What are we looking at? Only...
- fur / wool / silk
- meat / dairy / survival nutrition [proteins, fats as well as carbs]
- omnivores, herbivores and carnivores
- leather, sweets and resources
- companionship, security and trading
It is complete and you could do much worse. Chickens, pigs, cows or donkeys [let alone horses], now that's what i call luxurious. Though one might fit a rat or guinea pig into a backpack...
Title: Re: What’s in your “Bug Out Bag”
Post by: Yowbarb on May 03, 2017, 12:02:04 AM
Socrates this is great info. The idea of bringing vital genetic material with you  if you bug out...
Can you re-post part of this in your new animal Husbandry Board?
The part about bringing a few silkworms, a few bees, at least a couple small animals with you ...
that would be good in the other board.
Only if convenient...
Title: Re: What’s in your “Bug Out Bag”
Post by: Yowbarb on May 03, 2017, 02:53:11 PM
I see you did do that, thank you.