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Title: Guinea Pigs / Cuy
Post by: Socrates on May 03, 2017, 11:12:23 PM
Cooking cuy (
In Peru it's the most common thing...
Guinea Pig are a rodent; small, but not as small as rats [which are so small that eating them hardly seems worth the effort].
They are herbivorous [as opposed to rats, which are omnivorous] and maybe that's why their meat is okay. [It's like sheep vs pig.]

So, in the world of smallish animals to keep [which is a boon in a survival situation], guinea pigs are the 'small rabbits' of the herbivore kingdom; you can keep and eat a rat [you should think about reading James Clavell's King Rat (], but guinea pigs are to rats what cows are to pigs, i.e. they take in a very different place in the (survival) homestead.
Another good vid: Matar, pelar, limpiar, comer (
Having shown the versatility of the guinea pig... one should note that the organs [liver, heart, etc.] are very nutritious [if not the most nutritious] parts of any animal and should be treated and enjoyed as such. (I add this because the roasting of guinea pigs in traditional Peruvian cuisine seems to focus on cooking skeletal muscle meat.)