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Title: gtumo
Post by: Socrates on July 14, 2017, 11:05:55 PM
C'mon, guys... There's nothing on gtumo yet...?
Clearly, even the 'survival masses' [yeah, using the term lightly  ;)] have apparently not caught on to gtumo yet. So here it goes...

Buddhist monks laying naked in the snow and drying wet towels on their bodies... Interested yet?
Anyway, so i am Dutch [but grew up in America] and am proud to say that some Dutch guy ( is 'world famous' ( for making gtumo ( popular. [Many links to follow; "gtumo" sometimes spelled "tummo", etc.]

When talking survival, this is just about the pinnacle of potential...; ancients surviving naked in the Himalayan mountains...? If this is real, it is awesome!
Anyway, i heard about gtumo decades ago but, as chance would have it, in this special street next to which i live, not only do they sell the most amazing selection of Vibrams ( [probably the most extensive collection in the country], but there is also this 'wellness' shop that gives 'gtumo' workshops.
Just ran into this woman at the local store [07:00 AM] as she was unloading her van, and asked her about these gtumo workshops. € 95 for a 5-hour workshop. She told me about this book, so i thought i'd share:
( (