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Title: Q Alliance – Punching the Bully in the Nose
Post by: admin on June 21, 2019, 07:09:59 PM
This Sunday will be a non-stop blather of pontification and prediction about what President Trump will do to punish Iran for shooting down a very expensive drone aircraft that was flying in international air space.

Leading the acrimony pack is former Vice-President Biden who publicly injected the “blunder” word into the situation to undermine public confidence in Trump’s ability to handle this crisis.  Of course, this talking point keyword was dutifully echoed time-and-again by the globalist mainstream media.

This is why what we’ll mostly see on the Sunday talk shows is going to be a circus of lies and deception.  This is the consensus of the Q Anons who are researching previous Q drops for clues.

To put this all in perspective, let’s take a conventional, veneer-deep look at the current situation.  Then, let’s get under the veneer to see what the Q Anons are collectively saying is the more likely scenario and what that means for us.