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Title: Medical and other uses of Psilocybin mushrooms
Post by: R.R. Book on January 08, 2020, 09:54:17 AM
I'm probably the least qualified person to write on this topic, but I came across some information on medicinal mushrooms accidentally while researching side effects of nutmeg:

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Here's a chart comparing the psychoactive chemical psilocybin from certain mushrooms with other psychoactive recreational drugs, in which psilocybin is both the least addictive substance (comparable with cannabis), but also one of the safest in terms of threshold for effectiveness compared with threshold for toxicity:

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The same link cites evidence that psilocybin use is relatively safe under certain conditions:

1. The candidate is pre-screened for a history of psychiatric or cardiovascular illness

2. The candidate is prepared ahead of time for the session (reading about what to expect, consulting the documented experiences of indigenous people, plenty of sleep ahead of time, well-hydrated, attention to diet, etc.)

3. The candidate takes time away from his/her schedule to be in a quiet location for the unhurried experience

4. The candidate has someone present with him/her to offer reassurance during any negative part of the experience, as well as to help with interpretation of images.

5. The candidate is able to articulate a specific intent in using psilocybin.

6. Small amounts are ingested

Here's a podcast in which a psychotherapist explains some of the many benefits of occasional psilocybin use:

Dr. Alicia Danforth, psychotherapist and psilocybin researcher

Reported benefits:

1. Mitigates psychological aspects of cancer diagnosis, possibly to the point of life extension

2. Positive experiences tend to continue long after a session, even when a rough portion of the experience was described (i.e. in an experience of intense introspection)

3. Helps PTSD sufferers to overcome lingering effects of their trauma

4. Leaves users with a profound and life-altering mystical experience 61% of the time, and a long-term increase in life satisfaction 79% of the time.  60% described a long lasting sense of well-being.  89% reported changing their habits as a result of the experience.

5. A psycho-therapy tool that helps users identify clearly their own projections, etc.

6. A possible treatment for autism etc.

...the mushrooms are revered as powerful spiritual sacraments that provide access to sacred worlds. Typically used in small group community settings, they enhance group cohesion and reaffirm traditional values.

In the 1962 Marsh Chapel Experiment, which was run by Pahnke at the Harvard Divinity School under the supervision of Timothy Leary,[31] almost all of the graduate degree divinity student volunteers who received psilocybin reported profound religious experiences.[32] One of the participants was religious scholar Huston Smith, author of several textbooks on comparative religion; he later described his experience as "the most powerful cosmic homecoming I have ever experienced."

In a 25-year followup to the experiment, all of the subjects given psilocybin described their experience as having elements of "a genuine mystical nature and characterized it as one of the high points of their spiritual life".

Title: Re: Medical and other uses of Psilocybin mushrooms
Post by: ilinda on January 08, 2020, 04:09:08 PM
Another researcher along these lines is Kelly Brogan, M.D. , and IIRC, she has done research with willing volunteers in order to help them with various issues they may have.  Finally psilocybin has found medical and/or health uses.
Title: Re: Medical and other uses of Psilocybin mushrooms
Post by: R.R. Book on January 09, 2020, 03:08:22 PM
It looks like she has a website: