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Articles and Books / Trump, Planet X, and the Q Alliance Connection
« Last post by admin on May 24, 2019, 07:34:05 PM »
For well over a decade, a dominant concern among those who follow the topic of Planet X is whether or not the government will disclose the coming flyby through the core of our solar system in time for people to constructively fight for their lives.  Until May 23, 2019, there was little cause for hope, but now, for the first time, there finally is hope.

May 23, 2019, will be remembered as a bellwether day for Planet X research because it is the day President Trump has authorized declassification of the FISA documents.  Politically, this is certain to set off a media battle of rancorous charges and countercharges for months to come.

However, for those who follow the topic of Planet X, the FISA declassification is magnificent news, because it establishes a clear precedent for transparency; not only for our elected leaders but for unelected bureaucrats and intelligence agencies as well.  Woo-hoo!
EARTH CHANGES / Re: Disease Outbreaks
« Last post by R.R. Book on May 24, 2019, 04:54:30 PM »
Florida Maquis continues to warn the awake public that the Ebola epidemic in Africa appears to be spinning out of control, and that there is little that can be done about it, per featured news articles on this video: 

He personally rails against the use of colloidal silver, having accepted the hysteria over someone's skin having turned blue from using it ("argyria"), but wouldn't we much rather be blue than succumb to Ebola?  And yet he goes so far as to threaten to ban anyone who advocates the use of silver from posting comments.

Meanwhile, he mentions once again that the virus is able to sequester itself in the visceral fluid of the eyes.  One wonders then, since colloidal silver is capable of instantaneously halting a conjunctivitis infection, what harm would be done in applying a drop in each eye any time one is at all symptomatic of oncoming cold or flu-like illness?  Especially since pain in or behind the eyes frequently is one of the presenting symptoms of a cold or flu - illnesses whose symptoms may somewhat overlap those of Ebola?

And especially since the National Geographic article which he was reading from states that people are dying almost as soon as they present symptoms, with little time to seek medical care, which is already overwhelmed anyway?

Having taken colloidal silver for the past two decades without turning blue, I know I wouldn't be among those who shun it for fear of bluish skin if I thought I might have contracted such a serious illness...

Our dentist recommends taking colloidal silver sublingually without swallowing it, in order to preserve gut flora.  If swallowing silver, one can follow up with probiotics and either cabbage or a cabbage pill, which will replenish oxalobacter formigines, a gut bacteria not included in most probiotic formulations.

Other measures to consider:

Since Ebola causes tissues to break down, one might consider routinely adding the substrates of collagen to the regular supplement routine: vitamin C (mineral ascorbate form) and gelatin and/or bone broth for pre-aminos such as hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline).

Collagen is further strengthened by:

catechins in green tea

anthocyanodins in red/blue/purple berries and red wine

taurine (present in garlic)

lysine supplementation (which also is the substrate of white blood immune cells)

lipoic acid (present in garlic)

glycine via lecithin/choline in eggs or beets (the liver also uses this to detox, and collagen is made with it secondarily, so we need to be already detoxed).

Most importantly, the gelatin or broth needs to be taken at the same time as the vitamin C, which the body will then use immediately where needed most to make repairs or prevent tissue destruction.

Paradoxically, one might supply the body with sufficient proteolytic enzymes such that the body will have an adequate reserve to draw upon for degradation of the worm-like Ebola virus (some describe it as being like spaghetti) to prevent it from replicating and burrowing through tissues.

Proteolytic enzymes can be supplemented in the form of a pill, or through eating papaya and/or pineapple. 

Other thoughts:

Openings from gut tissues into the bloodstream are created (leaky gut) when people who are gluten-intolerant consume wheat products.  Antinutrients such as phytates from legumes, nuts and grains may also be a problem for some, though they are a dietary staple for many and are safer to eat when cooked:

If necessary, these foods can be reduced or eliminated in the diet, and the gut healed with probiotics, a more primitive diet, and possibly supplementation with the amino acid glutamine, which is theorized by some to heal the digestive tract, thus eliminating openings into the bloodstream through which an opportunistic organism could invade.

Limiting one's sexual partners (monogamy) is a good idea, as Ebola is said to live for a very long time in sperm cells.

Using a zapper or Rife Instrument could also be of help.

One final thought: Ever since the common perennial plant wormwood was discovered as more effective against malaria than quinine, I've been hoping to see studies on wormwood against lyme disease and other illnesses in which microbes are capable of morphing into another form to evade the immune system.  This plant should be in every garden, as it is hardy, with its silvery-green feathery leaves making a beautiful backdrop to pastel flowers.  It grows so rapidly that several cuttings each summer can be made and dried for teas.

As mentioned previously in another thread, my herbal medicine instructor suggests the non-toxicity of eating one single leaf of any medicinal plant in the garden per day.

Please add your own thoughts  :)
EARTH CHANGES / Re: Disease Outbreaks
« Last post by R.R. Book on May 24, 2019, 01:00:10 PM »
Florida Maquis posted this map of locations of the U.S. Military in Africa, suggesting that servicemen and women may be unwittingly working in the rapidly expanding "Hot Zone," and possibly contracting and/or vectoring Ebola as they travel and return home.
Latest headlines since the previous lists in this topic, most recent first from each source.

*  May 24, 2019  Part 2 – Corguinho, Brazil: Inside the Non-Human Craft from September 15 – 18, 2002 ...     "(After walking up stairs with the blond being to a second floor), the wall of the craft there transforms into a monitor and they start showing scenes.  – Urandir Oliveira, Farmer, Ecovila Fezenda, Corguinho, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
*  May 23, 2019  Part 1 – Corguinho, Brazil: Farmer Describes His Transport to A Non-Human Craft on September 15, 2002.

*  Flash floods submerged 90 percent of Iran, displaced 500 000 people
[ATTACHMENT May24-2019_flood_Iran_Apr4-2019.JPG]
*  Severe heatwave, devastating wildfires affecting Israel
*  Heavy rain hits Oman, claiming at least 6 lives
*  The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: May 15 - 21, 2019 [report: 26 total]
*  Severe floods kill 5, leave crop damage and thousands homeless, Tanzania
[ATTACHMENT May24-2019_flooded _city_Tanzania_Apr15-2019.JPG]

*  Do tiny tremblors on the West Coast signal a major earthquake? [USA]
*  Colorado is now drought-free and even more snow on the way [USA]
*  Wet spring delays California crops, snow elsewhere in west [USA]
*  Springtime blizzard strikes Russia's Urals Region
*  Dead gray whale found on island is Alaska's third this year
*  Dead gray whale washes ashore in Point Reyes - 12th for the San Francisco Bay Area this year [California, USA\
*  Late-season snow impedes travel in southwest China
*  Northern Arizona gets rare dose of late-season snow with record-breaking daytime lows [USA]
*  Snow delays Rocky Mountain National Park from opening Trail Ridge Road [Colorado, USA]

Nothing new in:
EARTH CHANGES / Re: Earthquakes General - 2019
« Last post by Jimfarmer on May 24, 2019, 11:24:20 AM »
USGS and EMSC do not agree. Reporting data from both.
Earthquake totals in last 24 hours according to:
15 'quakes of magnitude >2.4 ⋅ Total mags = 54.8 ⋅ Avg mag = 3.65 (*)
90 'quakes of magnitude >2.4 ⋅ Total mags = 322.9 ⋅ Avg mag = 3.59

(*) magnitude >2.4 in USA, and >4.4 elsewhere. (>2.4 worldwide not available).
Note: USGS has 6 'quakes of mag. >4.4, and EMSC has 12.

Three strongest 'quakes from either site:
*  Mag. 5.6  east of the southern end of New Caledonia (USGS.  EMSC: 5.5).
*  Mag. 5.2  north of Fiji largest island (both sites).
*  Mag. 5.1  in north central South Atlantic Ocean, opp. Gabon (both sites).

Largest groups of multiple 'quakes from either site:
*  28  in Mexico; inland and offshore of the west coast mid-south and south, mid-south mid-east, and south-end mid-north (EMSC.  USGS: 1).  max mag. 4.5
*  10  in Chile; north, mid-north, offshore mid-south, and nearby in Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru (EMSC.  USGS: 1).  max mag. 4.9
*  9  in Indonesia (Papua, mid-east, central, and west):  Papua east mid-north, and off south coast west;  mid-east north and beyond-south;  central mid-north and beyond-south;  and west mid-south and off the west coast south (EMSC.  USGS: 0).  max mag. 4.7
*  8  in Turkey; west incl. nearby islands, and east (EMSC.  USGS: 0).
*  7  in Greece; off west coast mid-south, west mid-north, and far NE nearby in Bulgaria (EMSC.  USGS: 0).
*  5  in Dominican Republic; off north coast mid-west and east, off south coast east, and west mid-south nearby in Haiti (EMSC.  USGS: 1).
*  4  in Alaska; mid-east south to off south coast central (USGS.  EMSC: 1).
*  4  in Costa Rica; mid-south central, and south-east nearby in Panama (EMSC.  USGS: 0).

Comment: USGS's exclusion of magnitudes <4.5 outside of USA fails to reveal groups of 'quakes of increasing significance.  Note that that policy is not applied consistently everywhere.

Comment: The factors that caused 'quake-groups frequently in and around Puerto Rico appear to have moved west to the Dominican Republic.  Note that USGS reports 'quakes of magnitude <4.5 in Puerto Rico but not always in Dominican Republic.  Note also that USGS reports more 'quakes >4.4 in Puerto Rico than EMSC does.  USGS reports selectively from Dominican Republic, whether magnitudes are >4.4 or not, and not necessarily selecting the 'quakes of largest magnitude.  The reporting boundary between PR and DR is arbitrary, and 'quakes between them could often be assigned to either region.  Anyway, it is the shift in group location that is noteworthy.

From USGS (all 'quakes, separate data capture, see notes):

114  'quakes of all magnitudes in California, Nevada, and nearby in Mexico (max mag. 2.6).
63  'quakes of all magnitudes in Alaska and nearby in Canada (max mag. 2.7).
*  10  'quakes of all magnitudes in Hawaii (max mag. 3.1).

*  Strong 'quakes (mag. > 2.4) in Nevada (USA);  and in Alaska (3 Qs), Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

*  Little shakers (mag. 1.0 ~ 2.4) in western Montana, California and nearby in Mexico, and Nevada (USA);  and in Alaska and nearby in Canada (57 Qs), Hawaii (9 Qs), and Puerto Rico region excl. Dom. Repub. (5 Qs).

*  57 little shakers in California, Nevada, and nearby in Mexico;  plus many smaller ones. (All-magnitude clusters in California: SE of Los Angeles and nearby, and mid-north mid-west; and minor cluster in south mid-east Nevada.)

*  No 'quakes of any magnitude in Yellowstone Park (NW Wyoming plus strips of Montana and Idaho), bur 1 nearby west (mag. 1.4).

Notes: Quarry blasts and explosions are excluded from above lists and totals, except where otherwise indicated.
USGS lists some sites near borders as near locations across the border (worldwide).
Earthquake counts less than 3 are not reported, except where otherwise indicated.
The later data capture for this sub-section causes some inconsistencies with the earlier data set.

From EMSC (two separate data captures):
34 earthquakes of magnitude >1.9 in last 24 hours in Euro-Med region, according to (approx. 9 only in Greece, and 18 in Turkey).
EARTH CHANGES / Re: Disease Outbreaks
« Last post by R.R. Book on May 24, 2019, 10:18:56 AM »
Young Veteran Speaks Out for Memorial Weekend

Jennifer Hammonds, a young former ER nurse and Naval medical corps officer, now a wife and mother of three, expresses concern about disease outbreaks on ships, noting that a female naval medical officer in her twenties was found dead aboard the USS Arlington on Tuesday.  According to Hammonds, the young officer had recently served in Africa.

She focuses her concerns especially on Ebola, noting that the tests are flawed, and that the treatment has an 80% failure rate.  Furthermore, she says, those who have been treated for Ebola and supposedly made a full recovery sometimes present symptoms again later, as happened to a U.S. physician.

In addition, she questions why the entire crew of the USS Ft. McHenry quarantined at sea for 5 months, allegedly due to an outbreak of mumps for which they had all been vaccinated already? 

She has promised an upcoming video on prevention measures.

"Jennifer Veterans 4Truth" Youtube channel

Referred by Marfoogle News: @ around 1:35:00
EARTH CHANGES / Re: Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes Jan - Dec 2019
« Last post by Yowbarb on May 24, 2019, 02:40:11 AM »
KANSAS, NEBRASKA TORNADO WATCHES NOW and most will remain up through 8 AM, CDT

Tornado Watch
135 AM CDT FRI MAY 24 2019




BARBER               BARTON              BROWN
CLAY                 CLOUD               COMANCHE
DICKINSON            EDWARDS             ELLSWORTH
GEARY                HARPER              HARVEY
JACKSON              JEWELL              KINGMAN
KIOWA                LINCOLN             MARION
MORRIS               NEMAHA              OSBORNE
OTTAWA               PAWNEE              POTTAWATOMIE
PRATT                RENO                REPUBLIC
RICE                 RILEY               RUSH
RUSSELL              SALINE              SHAWNEE
135 AM CDT FRI MAY 24 2019




CASS                 GAGE                JEFFERSON
JOHNSON              LANCASTER           NEMAHA
OTOE                 PAWNEE              RICHARDSON
SALINE               THAYER

EARTH CHANGES / Re: Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes Jan - Dec 2019
« Last post by Yowbarb on May 24, 2019, 02:37:59 AM »

Tornado Warning
Severe Weather Statement
National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska
424 AM CDT Fri May 24 2019

Johnson NE-Nemaha NE-Richardson NE-Pawnee NE-
424 AM CDT Fri May 24 2019


At 424 AM CDT, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado
was located 7 miles north of Table Rock, or 28 miles northwest of
Falls City, moving east at 60 mph.


SOURCE...Radar indicated rotation.

IMPACT...Flying debris will be dangerous to those caught without
         shelter. Mobile homes will be damaged or destroyed. Damage
         to roofs, windows, and vehicles will occur.  Tree damage is

This tornadic thunderstorm will remain over mainly rural areas of
eastern Johnson, southwestern Nemaha, northwestern Richardson and
northeastern Pawnee Counties, including the following locations... 8
Miles South Of Johnson and Elk Creek.


TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest
floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a
mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter
and protect yourself from flying debris.

Tornadoes are extremely difficult to see and confirm at night. Do not
wait to see or hear the tornado. TAKE COVER NOW!


LAT...LON 4017 9607 4033 9617 4049 9613 4044 9588
      4023 9587
TIME...MOT...LOC 0924Z 253DEG 51KT 4029 9606



EARTH CHANGES / Re: Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes Jan - Dec 2019
« Last post by Yowbarb on May 24, 2019, 02:31:00 AM »
About 3-4 days ago there were a reported 63? tornadoes in the US. Source, my local news.
How many of them touched down or the exact stats, I didn't get but will try to post soon.
Here some sources of basic weather data, an image:

3 Killed As Violent Tornadoes Cause 'Devastation' In Missouri

SPC Severe Weather Event Review for Wednesday May 22, 2019 

Siege of Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes and Flash Flooding to Continue Into Next Week
By meteorologists9 hours
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