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Vicks Vapo Rub
(1) 500mg. Amoxicillin 100  Capsules
(3) 500mg. Penicillin 100 Capsules 
(3) 1.5oz tube
(3) 1lb. blocks Bees Wax
(144) Neosporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets
(12) 1.75oz SQ Blood Stop “Quick Clot” Packs
(12) Dermabond Topical Skin Adhesive
(3) Celox-A Blood Coagulent 35 gram (1.25 oz) Packets
(3) Celox-A Applicator Plunger Sets with 6g Celox
( 85mg. KI03 Potassium Iodate nuclear anti-radiation 200 pills
(1) Bayer Aspirin 325mg - 400 tablets
(1) 200mg. Advil – 350 tablets
(2) 10oz bottles Nyquil
(280) N95 Respirator Masks
(80) 3M 8511 N95 Masks
(2) Imodium A-D Anti Diarrhea 48 pills
(72) pouches of 2 caplets Imodium A-D
(6) UNISOM (Doxylamine Succinate) 25mg - 48 tablets
(12) 25mg Benadryl 124 tablets
(1) Snake bite kit
(1) Dental First Aid Kit
(1) tube Orajel
(4) 3.53oz jars Vick’s VapoRub
(2) 16oz. Hydrogen Peroxide
(4) Ace Instant Cold Compress
(2) 32oz. Bottles Rubbing Alcohol 70%
( 85mg. KI03 Potassium Iodate nuclear anti-radiation 200 pills 
(1) Tactical Trauma First Responder 
(1) Blood pressure cuff kit, adult
(1) Cervical collar
(1) Stethoscope
(1) Pen light
(2) Sutures
(1) First aid book
( Pair exam. gloves
(10) Abdominal pad 5”x9”
(6) Safety pins
(2) Casualty blanket 84”x52” Silver/OD
(1) Hand sanitizer 2oz.
(1) Calamine lotion 6oz.
(1) Hand soap
(6) After bite wipes
(1) Sam Splint/Universal splint
(1) 6” elastic bandage
(10) 4” X 4” Sterile sponges
(2) 1” Tape
(2) Blood stopper kit
(5) Eye pad
(2) Triangular bdg. 40”x40”x56”
(16) 1”x3” bandage strip
(5) Butterfly strip
(5) 2”x4” Bandage strip
(10) Knuckle bandage
(2) Ice pack
(1) EMT shears
(2) SS Hemostats
(1) Tweezers
(1) Scalpel handle #3
(2) Scalpel blades
(5) Tongue depressor
(1) CPR mask
(45) Antiseptic wipes
(5) Ammonia inhalants
(2) Airways
(3) Multi Trauma dressing 12” x 30”
(1) Eye wash 4oz.
(10) Triple antibiotic
(5) Burn Aid package
(1) Landers Frary & Clark CDV-715 Radiation Survey Meter
(1) 1 lb. bottle Powdered Zinc Oxide USP
(1) 8 oz. bottle RITE-DENT Eugenol USP
Xtra Meds

Being a nurse and all....THIS is a valuable list Susan! if i got to go out... I want to do so, having help others.

Thanks Dania22, please feel free to add to it, I'm sure I haven't thought of everything.


--- Quote from: Dania22 on January 16, 2011, 06:10:50 PM ---Being a nurse and all....THIS is a valuable list Susan! if i got to go out... I want to do so, having help others.

--- End quote ---

BTW Dania that is really wonderful that you are a nurse. You will be valuable in future times...

Best of Luck,

Susan if you have noticed by now most of my posts have centered around trying to save money as you get ready.

I saw on you list the "Quick Clot" now I have never used this item I did see it at the store and saw the price  :o .

I have heard that Cayenne powder works like this also.

I have also used a cayenne powder and water mixture to rinse with when I had a toothache and It worked to ease the pain, but you need to have a slice of bread to eat to offset the heat.



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