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The Bible Code

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Forgive it if this subject is presented somewhere else on the Town Hall.
I just posted this on the What Do "They" Say Board.
Couldn't get near the computer to post this until now.
On The History Channel, 128 a program started at 11:00 EST The Bible Code, Predicting Armageddon .
The Bible Codes II Apocalypse and Beyond  -began at 12:00 PM and is continuing until 1 PM.

- Yowbarb

Here is a link with some interesting facets.

is there a good online bible code reader webpage that one can go to for inputting searches ?

It seems because all things are ruled by simple sacred geometry, trends and likeness can be found anywhere one finds art.

All visible things are formed from dirt and rock. (little water too)


--- Quote from: Scales on February 12, 2011, 08:58:10 AM ---Here is a link with some interesting facets.
--- End quote ---
I knew I saw a post that I wanted to touch on lol. I forgot that this one was on my back burner.
I read that website you posted and it was interesting.
quoted from site:"Even more remarkable is the fact that when the actual Hebrew character is pronounced out loud, it will take on the shape of the character. Both Stan Tenen and Dr. Hans Jenny (Cymatics) independently indicated this fact. Hans Jenny recorded the vocal expression of the letter on a plate of sand. The vibrations in the voice pronouncing the Hebrew letter caused the sand grains to take on the actual shape of the Hebrew character! "

Yes, I have read of that before. That pronouning the hebrew letters in a certain way and in a certain pattern of letters is the BASIS for
CREATION. Subjects like this can go way deeper than we can really fathom. Some even say that the Magicians and Priests of the
day used this technique to practice magic. Turning water into wine comes to mind but.................................
Amazing information and the website says everything very well.


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