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Author Topic: 2011 vs 2012 - What If ??  (Read 3114 times)

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2011 vs 2012 - What If ??
« on: January 21, 2010, 09:06:15 PM »
Three part Post:

Part I quoting from Web Bot Project:

The Gap

Since I got up early this morning, I thought it would be interesting to draw a quick sketch of how 'the gap' in the linguistic structures around 2012 has changed over the past several years.  While not perfect, hopefully this visual will help:

A number of interesting ideas about 'the gap' when (blue) linguistic structures fall to a small fraction of current levels (4-5%?) and then come back to 18% of their values out in 2015 or much later. That's structures, not bit-counts.  Some of the contenders:

"Have you heard that internet activity is down in places. In china there is a region with 'bad citizens'( a revolution). So China just turned off their internet. Biggest effect is business can't be done."

This is a really interesting possibility:  Could we be seeing information warfare breaking out and this is just what it looks like in advance?  Think about it:  What if there was some kind of revolt globally or in the U.S. against 'authority'.  Could this be what accounts for a sharp decline in 'net use?  Why sure...but the problem with that theory is it would arise mainly in model space's GlobalPop entity.  It doesn't.  It arises from the Terra Entity (meta set).  Which gets us to this idea:

"I find your discussion of the 'October 2011 - December 21, 2012' event stream very interesting! Unbeknown to most, the Mayan calendar actually ends on October 28, 2011, NOT on 12/21/2012! You *must* read this article: The risks of believing that the Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012! I am certain it will assist you in placing "October 2011" linguistic data into context.

--"...the October 28, 2011 date is based on massive scientific evidence that the Nine Underworlds and Thirteen Heavens known from ancient Mayan sources indeed describe cosmic evolution in all of its aspects."

---"...In the years ahead we are in for a confusing mixture of seemingly conflicting developments. A critical aspect of preparation for this is the knowledge that the evidence-based Mayan calendar ends October 28, 2011, which at least gives people a benchmark for the rhythms with which things will evolve even though it will take a certain time for things to settle also after this."

Yeah, we're not unaware of Calleman's work.  While we don't endorse that view, it's certainly a uncomfortably good fit with the data.


Think about this: If one were to be really Machiavellian and wanted to come up with a way to  ensure  the majority of earth's population would keep working for you as a member of the PTB right up through 'the event' - if there is one - what better way than put the nominal threat date out 13-months after the real threat date?

But the PTB and their not-so-secret orders wouldn't do such a thing to trim down world population so they could 'own the backside' of coming events...would they?

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Die Hard

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Re: 2011 vs 2012 - What If ??
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2010, 09:09:58 PM »
Part II of III of orginal post:


The risks of believing that the
Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012!

A discussion forum for this article exists at

About eight years ago John Major Jenkins and I had a debate about the meaning of the Mayan calendar end date focusing especially on whether the energies of the Long Count ends on October 28, 2011 or December 21, 2012. This still remains the most important question anybody interested in the
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Re: 2011 vs 2012 - What If ??
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Original Post III of III


From this perspective, where we are approaching the end of cyclical changes and the highest quantum state of the universe, it is also logical that the economic meltdown that we are now in is not merely a
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