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I currently own a mossberg 500 12g shotgun. I'm thinking I'll need something for long range. My dilemma is I'm spending most of my money to stock up on food and other small things, so I need to get something affordable. Should I go with a rifle, or handgun. I know rifles can be cheap compared to handguns. Would a 22 rifle even be worth buying? I saw one at Walmart the other day for 129.00!

Or, should I buy what ever has the cheapest ammo?

Any suggestions?


A 22LR rifle ammo runs around $20 for 500 to 550 shells

To point out the obvious, more is better...  That being said...  I think a shotgun is imperative, which you have.  I think a handgun is also necessary and the caliber depends on your preference.  I prefer a bigger caliber.  A high powered rifle would also come in handy but the one problem I don't want to have is to carry a whole bunch of ammo for multiple guns.  So, a shotgun and a pistol are top priorities in my mind.  I think that a bow is also essential so you can hunt in silence without giving your position away.  If you are not already proficient with a compound bow, which I am not, then I would recommend a crossbow.  I think I would choose a crossbow over a high powered rifle if I could only pick one.  Hope this helps.

I'm sorry, I got to thinking about it and I didn't actually answer your question...  You can kill anything with a .22 but you better be one hell of a marksman.  A .22 has almost zero knock-down power.  Like I said, I prefer larger calibers.  If you are on a tight budget I would recommend a .30-30, either the Winchester or the Marlin.  The Marlin is better if you want to put a scope on it but the Winchester "won the west" and is a damn fine rifle if you can shoot through open sights.  If you want to go bigger...  a 300 Winchester magnum, .30-06, and 7mm are all good calibers.  Guns are one thing where "you get what you pay for" truly applies... Hope this helps... Peace.

Thanks for the input JKB. You've got me thinking now. It would make more since to carry a handgun and shotgun together. I will also check into the 30-30 you mentioned. I doubt I will go with a 22 rifle now.


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