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Symbolic Images in MainStream News

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This picture was in the Sept. 9th, 2011 local newspaper. The picture is by Associated Press.
Is there a Symbolic statement behind this picture ?
I see an 8 pointed star symbol surrounded by an Octagon.
" The Sumerians used an arrangement of lines as a symbol for both star and God. The linear eight-point star represented the goddess Inanna, Sumerian queen of the heavens and Ishtar (Astarte), the Babylonian goddess known as “The Lightbringer.” An eight-point star enclosed within a circle was the symbol for the sun god. The Babylonian star-cult is the core and the archetype of subsequent astrology.” "
"By the middle-ages, the eight-point star is widely used as a symbol in Islamic art. It is called khatim or khatim sulayman, seal of the prophets, as in signet ring.The phrase “seal of the Prophets is also used in the Koran and has particular ideological meaning for Muslims. Moroccan zillij artisans also refer to the eight-point star as sibniyyah, sabniyyah, which is a derivative of the number seven sab’ah. "
The Dome of the Rock sits in the middle of an Octagon.
"  The diameter of the dome of the shrine is 20.20m and its height 20.48m, while the diameter of the dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is 20.90m and its height 21.05m.  The structure is basically octagonal. "
Any insight from anyone will be helpful. Just a picture or is something trying to be conveyed; for whatever reasons ?

Ed Douglas:
Nice catch, Mr. Seeker. Almost outright obvious.  ed

I think those symbols are in a lot of the old buildings, we are just starting to notice them more.

The Heretic:
There are many images in the new buildings also. Take a close look at the logos of some of our major financial institutions and major corporations. We are being warned, in some twisted way of "TPTB", they will tell,us what they are doing. They are giving us warning. It is up to us to see.

God help us all!

He's not pointing at it at all.  If you trace the end of his finger out, he's not pointing at it.


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